SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

(Jesus Rodriguez) #333

Thanks for posting this. The feature was implemented and no feedback had been provided thus far.

(simon_pepper) #334

Great, looking to getting this update to the SonicorbiterSE product, and trying it out.
I hope it is made available soon.


I’d be happy to provide feedback on the latest versions of the Sonic Orbiter software and the UPnP Bridge if they were available for my SOSE!

(Jesus Rodriguez) #336

I spoke with Andrew at Small Green Computer and he will be able to offer a limited quantity of inexpensive units with the latest SonoreUPnP Bridge application installed on it. These will be partially based on the operating system used in the sonicTransporter series. For more information on pricing and availability visit the website and use the Contact Us button.


How do you get the latest UPNP Bridge version 1.0.14 on to the uRendu. I am on 1.0.13 at the moment?

(Andrew Gillis) #338

Press the update button in the software manager.

(Andrew Gillis) #339

People have been asking how they can get the Sonore UPnP Bridge. It is available for free on any product from Sonore or Small Green Computer. This includes

Sonicorbiter SE
Signature Rendu SE
sonicTransporter i5
sonicTransporter i7
sonicTransporter AP

We also have a dedicated server the UPnP Bridge that just has the bridge code on it.

(Richard Robbins) #340

Thanks to @agillis and team for making the dedicated UPnP Bridge available. I’m very happy with mine and am now using Roon with my Naim ND5 XS and back to focusing on the music as opposed to being preoccupied with the myriad ways I might end up feeding the Naim from Roon.

(simon_pepper) #341

Hi @Richard_Robbins, Good to hear - where are you running the Roon Core, what version of the UPnP Bridge are you running and are you able to stream 24/192 files?

(Richard Robbins) #342

Hi @simon_pepper

My network is somewhat complicated (for reasons unrelated to audio).

Here’s a simplified topology.

The backbone of the network is handled by an HP 1820-24G managed switch.

That switch feeds several other switches corresponding to different branches of the network, including an HP1820-8G switch and a pair of Trendnet 16 port TEG-S16D unmanaged switches.

The Roon Core and Roon UPnP bridge are connected to the HP 1820-24G.

My music library is contained in a Synology DS716+ that’s also connected to the HP 1820-24G.

The NAIM ND5 XS is connected to the HP1820-8G.

I have a Naim Uniti Atom connected to a Trendnet 16 port switch.

All connections are with Cat 6 cable.

The Sonore UPnP Bridge is running version 1.0.14 of the Bridge software and Version 2.5 of the OS.

The core is running version 1.0 build 156 of ROCK.

To be honest, I’ve not bothered checking to see if I’ve been able to stream 24/192 files. I will get back to you on that when I have a moment. Mostly I’ve just listened and enjoyed without looking too carefully at the numbers.

My primary controller is a Windows 10 computer that’s connected to the same Trendnet switch as the Uniti Atom.

I’ve also run with the controller on an iPad connected via one of two Ubiquiti wireless access points that are, in turn, connected to the HP 1820-24G.

Before putting the core on the NUC running ROCK I was successful with the core running on an old Macbook Air with up to date software that had wired connections at various times to each of my four switches. Everything ran without a hitch, including the bridge.

I also ran the bridge for a while connected to the same Trendnet switch as the Naim Uniti Atom. Also, no issues streaming to the Naim ND5 via the Sonore Bridge when I moved the bridge around.

(Richard Robbins) #343


I can confirm success with 24/192 files.

(John B) #344

This doesn’t seem to be on your website (the bridge), is it currently available?


(Jesus Rodriguez) #345

It’s not a listed feature, but it’s available as beta software you install via Apps / Software Manager.

(John B) #346

Sorry I wasn’t clear, it’s the hardware product with the bridge on it I’m enquiring about.


(simon_pepper) #347

Interesting - many thanks for sharing.
What UPnP server you were using before setting up the Roon based playback?
Is the SQ through the ND5XS (I had this model for a number of years, with XP5XS PSU, great sound) the same? Can you hear any difference?

Good to hear that the files can be streamed over a network from a NAS, to a Roon Core, and then onto the UPnP Bridge to be then rendered by a Naim Network Player.
I have a similar network configuration, with NAS based files, the Roon Core on the same network switch, then the UPnP Bridge running on a SonicorbiterSE device, and rendering in a Naim NDS Network player.
However, playback of 24/192 is still not possible.

I have tried eliminating all network considerations, with local files co-located on the same device as the Roon Core (a i7 laptop), but 24/192 still wasn’t possible.

Of course, I have been told that this ‘should’ work, exactly in the same way, that I have been told what I heard regarding the differences in the playback.

So the only differences are:

  1. Sonore device - you have the dedicated UPnP Bridge, which I wanted but had been withdrawn, when I tried to buy, so I bought the SonicorbiterSE instead. I was told this was ‘my bad luck’.
  2. Sonicorbiter OS version - the SonicorbiterSE device has been left running 2.3, where the UPnP Bridger server you have is running version 2.5
  3. Sonore UPnP Bridge version - you are running the latest 1.0.14, whereas the version available for the SonicorbiterSE is 1.0.13. However, I am waiting for this latest version to be released for the SonicorbiterSE device, as recently confirmed, is still going to receive updates.

It is great that releases for the UPnP Bridge as being made, as just a few months ago, I was told that revisions to this product were not possible, as development had ceased and testing of new builds wasn’t possible.


(simon_pepper) #348

Yes, I have been trying to find this product and have tried Emailing the guys at Small Green Computer to find out details on this product, as this is now 2 Naim users the dedicated UPnP Bridge works fine for, without the cost of a microRendu or ultraRendu, given that there is no requirement for a USB output to use with a Naim Network player.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #349

Just contact Andrew via his website to see what he has available.

(Richard Robbins) #350

I was running Minimserver on the Synology NAS before deploying the Sonore UPnP bridge.

I’ve not listened enough to note any meaningful differences between the two deployments.

Also, @agillis note above about the availability of the dedicated bridge hardware. While not listed on the web site it is available now.

(Andrew Gillis) #351

I don’t have it on the top level of my site. Here is a link.

(Richard Robbins) #352

@agillis How do I update the Sonore UPnP Bridge to the recently released OS 2.6?