Sonos Amp under Settings>Audio

Doesnt Sonos appear separate from “Other Networked devices”?

I thought Sonos devices would appear in a separate Sonos section. Is this the way they should display under SETTINGS>Audio

Hi @Darell_Sison,
I think newer Sonos products are not listed as “roon tested” yet.
My Sonos One and Playbase are also under “Other network devices”.
The older Play:1, Play:3 and Playbar appearing in the right section.

Thanks its weird that it doesnt appear in its own section when everyone touts the sonos roon integration

As @florib suggests, I guess the Sonos AMP isn’t yet Roon Tested. Mine appears like yours in other network devices, whereas other Sonos bits appear in Roon tested.

I’m not sure if I’m remembering it wrong, but didn’t Sonos have it’s own category in settings at one point? I’m sure it looks different now, has it changed recently?

I think the categorisation is just for display purposes anyway, it doesn’t seem to affect the way anything works or integrates as far as I can tell.

I have a Sonos AMP (new one) grouped with an older Sound Bar, I grouped them in Sonos. When grouped, the AMP does not show up in “Other” section.

I have a new-ish Play 5 (2nd gen) and it shows up in Other section.

I actually never noticed that before!

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