Sonos Beam and Roon

Does anyone have the Sonos Beam and use it with Roon? Looking for a sound bar for a TV however I want it to work with Roon. I know it has Airplay but read that Roon isn’t compatible with Airplay 2. Just wanted some advice prior to purchasing. I looked at the Bluesound sound bar but really want one with HDMI.


Roon support’s Sonos’ own command protocol. So it can play to the Beam just like any other Sonos speaker. No Airplay required.

If you plug a Chromecast into your TV (or have a TV with Chromecast builtin) you can use that to allow Roon to connect to your soundbar.

I have a Panasonic TV with Chromecast plugged and the ARC sends the audio to the sound bar too.

Obviously Sonos is supported anyway so if you have Beam that isnt necessary but it is worth knowing for other brands.

Thanks I appreciate the advice. I just saw that Bluesound is coming out with a new one as well.