Sonos Connect and Mac mini

I have just setup a new Mac mini as a Roon Core connected directly to my AVR in my home theater. I also have a Sonos Connect as a component in my home theater system. My entire Sonos network is setup to stream music from a NAS, and works fine.

I went with the Mac mini in order to get maximum fidelity out of my ripped CD collection. I would like to play my AIFF files in my home theater room, while streaming the same music through my Sonos speakers in other rooms, by connecting my Mac Mini to the Sonos Connect using a 1/8" stereo mini plug from my Mac mini to the RCA “IN” connectors on my Sonos Connect.

According to Sonos, the Connect will stream such a connection. My question is whether Roon will allow a simultaneous output of audio to my AVR via HDMI, along with the analog output of the stereo mini plug?

You can only play them individually as of today. So it’s possible to have different music in different rooms, or play the same music but with individual control, which seems messy.

Right now, you can’t output the same music to multiple outputs of different types, but it’s apparently on the road map. Currently, Roon can only output to multiple outputs of the same type.

Until Roon has the functionality you want consider using optical output and an optical splitter. Your AVR should have an optical input and I have used the optical input on the Connect and it is much higher quality than the analog input.

You can still have the HDMI connected if you use it for watching video.

I did some more research and determined that using the Mac mini headphone jack mutes the audio through the HDMI. I appreciate the idea about the optical splitter, but the Sonos Connect only has digital “OUTS” and RCA analog “INS.” My solution may lie in some cabling workaround in my Anthem AVR to get my Mac mini music to simultaneously output to both Zones 1 & 2.

Thanks for the input.

You are right about the optical output. My mistake.

I have an MRX 500. I would be interested in know if you are successful.

What about using the analog outputs of the receiver and connect those to the line in of the Connect? You would be best of by using the REC analog outputs, if those are assignable in software, but pre-out would work too, though you might encounter some issues with volume control behaviors.

I have an MRX 510. All my audio is delivered via HDMI (Mac mini, Apple TV 3, Blu-Ray, Roku, DVR). I previously tried running RCA cables from my MRX 510 to the Sonos Connect from both Zone 2 Out and Rec Out. For Zone 2, my HDMI sources were not listed as sources that could be output to Zone 2. In reading the manual multiple times, it appears that Zone 2 cannot output the same source as Zone 1. I also think there may be an issue of HDMI (digital) IN sources being output to RCA (analog). I’ve read a couple of reviews on the new MRX receivers, and that seems to be something Anthem has corrected. The correction is not worth me replacing an AVR purchased 18 months ago with an updated version.

I probably will call or write Anthem to determine if there is some workaround.

In my brainstorming effort, I researched some mini DAC’s that have USB IN and RCA OUT. The hardware appears to be a functional bridge between my Mac mini and my Sonos Connect. My next question is whether Roon will function properly with simultaneous audio output to the Mac mini HDMI and USB simultaneously?

Any knowledge or thoughts on that?