Sonos Connect gives "Transport: Failed to open the device"

This isn’t related to the DEQX. I get the same error with a simple MBP setup outputting to a Sonos Connect. Restarting the core seems to be the only workaround but this is a bug in the Roon core.

Hi @Scott_Emmick ---- Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I went ahead and split your post out to a new topic because the issue being reported in regard to the HDP5 is now believed to be an issue with the DAC itself.

Moving forward, can you please provide me with the details of your current setup as seen here so I have a better understanding of what you are working with.

Furthermore, I would be hesitant to believe that this is behavior you’ve reported is necessarily a bug, as we have many user who are working with Sonos devices happily and without issue. Not saying that this isn’t a possibility, but I believe that theory is a bit premature at this current time.