Sonos connect - STILL works with Sonos, not Roon (?!)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Core: Roon v1.7 (build 610, 64 bit) on an HP 800-G2 Intel Core i5 Mini Desktop (Windows 10); ethernet connection to WiFi router.
Remotes: are running the same version, all Windows 10 systems.
Streaming services: TIDAL.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Cable (broadband) modem: Netgear CM1000 (new)
WiFi router: Netgear AC4000 (new), ethernet connection to cable modem
NAS drive - Netgear ReadyNAS, about 5000 tracks; ethernet connection to router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Schiit Modi Multibit (USB connection to Core); two Sonos:Ones; one Sonos:Three; one Sonos Connect (all WiFi).

Description Of Issue
Sonos connect - STILL works with Sonos, not Roon (?!)

Now ALL of my Sonos devices refuse to play with Roon ("Roon lost control of the audio device.)

Hello @Nick_Triano, and my apologies for the trouble here. Do you have better luck if you ungroup your sonos zones and connect directly to the router via Ethernet?

Did this issue start when you changed routers?

This has been the most maddening thing. I love Roon, but it can be kind of finicky.

Anyway. I had a lightning strike a couple of weeks ago that fried a bunch of things, including my cable modem, Nighthawk WiFi router and my “Comcast modem” (the box that takes the signal in from the street and sends it to my cable modem - probably not what it’s called, but I’ll call it that here.) I got the AC4000 and CM1000, and Comcast came out and replaced the “Comcast modem” with what turns out to be a WiFi router (even though I didn’t ask for a(nother) WiFi device.)

For the past couple of weeks my Roon life has been hell as I tried to figure out what was going on - too many things were changed all at once for me to be able to easily figure out what the hell was happening. So I finally decided to replace the AC4000 with a factory-refurbished Nighthawk R8000. Still, problems. My Sonos devices would disappear, and Roon would “lose control.”

Then, I guessed that maybe this rogue “Comcast modem” was the problem. I figured out how to disable the WiFi radio, and, BAM! Everything seems good now. So far. But, geez.

I’ll keep you posted over the next week or so, but I feel good for the time being.

Hello @Nick_Triano, that’s a good find! Please let me know if the issue returns.

I still have dropouts (i.e., Roon loses control) on one Sonos device or another from time to time, which I still can’t figure out. Obviously my Core and anything connected to it is rock-solid.

Hello @Nick_Triano, to clarify, is it a device that drops out when wired to the core? Which one of your sonos devices is it?

No, the devices that drop out (more occasionally, now) are all wirleless (Sonos One, Three and Connect.) My Core and the Schiit Modi Multibit DAC (USB connected to Core) are fine.

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