Sonos connect - works with Sonos, not Roon (?!)

Up until this week, my Sonos Connect worked fine as a Roon wireless endpoint. Now, I get the “lost control of the audio device”, but the Connect works fine with Sonos. HELP!!

P.S. Roon works fine on my other endpoints, including Sonos speakers.

power off everything on your network and hifi and once its all off -modem and router too what a minute then on everything again yes all the roon kit too like your PC core etc too

I will, and I trust in the solution, but: seriously, that’s it?

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link 1 as a guide.

I’ve moved this to the #support area for you too.

Core: Roon V1.7 (build 610, 64 bit) on an HP 800-G2 Intel Core i5 Mini Desktop (Windows 10); ethernet connection to WiFi router
Remotes: are running the same version, all Windows 10 systems
Endpoints: Schiit Modi Multibit (USB connection to Core); two Sonos:Ones; one Sonos:Three; one Sonos Connect (all WiFi)
Cable (broadband) modem: Netgear CM1000 (new)
WiFi router: Netgear AC4000 (new), ethernet connection to cable modem
NAS drive - Netgear ReadyNAS, about 5000 tracks; ethernet connection to router
Streaming services: TIDAL

OK, so I tried what you suggested, and I’ve got only partial success. I can now stream to my Connect from my Tidal and NAS sources, but the playback is unreliable. It will start, play, then stop. The behavior is completely random. I can restart play, but it’s nowhere where it used to be. As I noted before, all of the other endpoints in my system work just fine.

Hi @Nick_Triano,

Is the behavior the same if you try to temporarily plug in the Connect via Ethernet instead of WiFi?

I haven’t tried that yet (the Connect is too far away from my router to do a hard Ethernet or USB connection) but I’ll give that a try tonight and see how that works.

If this does work, what would that tell me? I’m still perplexed that I can stream Roon and regular Sonos stuff to my other Sonos speakers w/no issues, but the Connect still gags where it never did before.

Hello @Nick_Triano, and thanks for your report. The reason we would like to try Ethernet is to eliminate any possible Wi-Fi issues that might be occurring. If we can get things to work on Ethernet that previously didn’t work on Wi-Fi, we can look into networking issues. If we can’t get things working on Ethernet either, we can look at core/endpoint issues.

So please let us know if things work on Ethernet so we can provide next steps, thanks!

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Got it, I’ll give it a try!

Disabled WiFi on the Connect, connected Ethernet cable from my router to the Connect - Roon works perfectly. Now what, sensei? :sunglasses:

Hi guys - any ideas here?

Hello @Nick_Triano, we always recommend an Ethernet connection, but you might also try using a different Wi-Fi band to see if you get better results.

That worked! Thank Jah. :sunglasses:

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