Sonos Device disappears from Roon [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

ROCK (latest version) on a NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core wired to the router, Sonos One on WLAN

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos connected via WLAN

Number of Tracks in Library

97.000+ Tracks, mostly Qobuz.

Description of Issue

I have a Sonos One in the kitchen, which until a feew weeks ago worked flawlessly with roon. Now, irregularly , roon loses connection to the Sonos box. The device doesn’t show up any more under audio zones, and it isn’t shown in settings → audio.

Only the sonos streaming protocol is affected. The sonos can be seen as an airplay device (and works via airplay). A restart of the Sonos doesn’t fix the problem, I have to restart roon server for the device to show up.

It seems to happen out of the blue, I can’t tie it to any actions of my part. I just open roon, and the Sonos audio zone has vanished.

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As a test if you move the sonos nearer the router does it still drop?

It may be worth rebooting your router just to make sure that WiFi & DHCP isn’t “throwing a wobbly.”

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It sits like a meter away from the router, with just a wall in between. What’s more, it worked flawlessly for some time now, and still does if roon doesn’t loose the sonos streaming connection.
I can still play to the speaker via airplay or the sonos app if the sonos streaming connection in roon is lost. So, no, it’s definitely not the connection.

This may be the same issue:

I wasn’t patient enough to wait and see if the speaker reappears on it’s own yet… :wink:

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Odd. Mine only ever dissappear when the wifi has a problem, its a bellwether for that for me.
Proper support may have an idea. Logs may be needed.

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This is something that’s been affecting a number of Sonos users for some time. I myself never had an issue with my Sonos Arc been rock steady on wireless since I got it in September, it’s on latest Sonos firmware etc. So likely some environmental thing combined with some changes in Roon that’s causing it. Airplay is discovered over mDNS, Sonos streaming doesn’t so this explains why you see it via one and not the other, something is stopping Roon seeing the discovery broadcasts needed.

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It’s now a long term problem that Roon are investigating and said they working on.
It affects a fair number of us, and it’s not our network’s, it’s something in discovery that is broken as they just disappear and will not come back until a restart of Roon.

If your Sonos One has Airplay I would use that.
I have started pairing my order Sonos devices without Airplay with a Roam or Move and using Airplay to play while grouped in the Sonos app.

It means they can be on all day without dropping off. It’s a workaround and not a fix, but @noris is collecting log files etc while trying to narrow it down.


I just started having this issue after a recent roon release… I have a pair of Sonos SLs, Arc/Sub , roam, and a move… all disappear from roon… I can reboot the roon and they will reappear but then disappear. Rebooting router does not help either.

Hi there, Roon are aware of it and @noris has confirmed that they are working on a fix for it.

Hi All,

We have a ticket currently active regarding this issue and our team is looking into this. I can’t comment on timelines, but we are aware and investigating a path forward. If we need any additional information for our investigation we will let you know. Thank you!


Great… I can use airplay as a backup but will be happy when the issue is fixed and I can go back to using sonos streaming.

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You and me both Ira, I am currently using a Roam and a Move to anchor my older Sonos devices via Airplay as they do not support Airplay streaming.
The good news is that it has been 100% reliable doing that, even if not ideal

+1 for this PITA issue arising again.
I had escaped it for a few months but today it is back again.

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FWIW I was having a look in my router settings about 3 weeks ago.
I had IPv6 enabled still after messing around with something during May.
I disabled the IPv6.

Since disabling IPv6, my sonos devices (1 x play 5 and 2 x play 1 - all on wifi) have been stable.
This was prior to latest roon release. Post latest release, the zones are still stable.
This is now 3 weeks of stability.

Might not have anything to do with IPv6 but thought Id post for info as its the only thing I changed in my network.

For info, I also have both IGMP snooping and IGMP Proxy enabled (these have always been enabled) on my router settings
My router is a Synology RT2600ac.



Odd one this as i never lost my Arc at all, it’s always present and doesn’t drop out when I use it , albeit that’s not very often , maybe because I just have the one Sonos speaker?

Same router here but unfortunately your tips didn’t work for me…Thanks anyway !!

Did you reboot everything (network, core and devices) after changing settings?

Back in September 2021 when this Sonos issue first occurred, I managed to get the devices stable by doing this:

  • remove / disable all Sonos devices from Roon
  • remove reserved IP in Synology router for all Sonos devices
  • restart network
  • reassign reserved IP in Synology router for all Sonos devices
  • restart network, ROCK, devices
  • add / enable devices back to Roon.

It was then stable until I had turned IPv6 on.
Stable again since removing IPv6.

All my sonos are on WiFi.


Ogdens I have done the same as you and never had IP v6 enabled. I did have about 6 months of total stability between several releases until it broke again, after another update.

I have tried running just one device and only on WiFi, but nothing makes it work for more than a maximum of 12 hours with an average of about 4-6 hours.

I am more committed to Roon than Sonos, and planning on replacing a couple more rooms as well.

Going to limit myself to garden, kitchen and conservatory in the future, and use them linked via AirPlay (using Move and Roam). That all works perfectly but SonosNet is a disaster for me now.
Pretty much given up on this being fixed

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Yes, it’s a strange one. I don’t hold much hope of a permanent fix either.

When I came to Roon I had a house full of sonos gear and only started using it due to the S1 S2 debacle. I then quickly started selling the bulk of the sonos geand am just left with 3 units.

My Play 5 is in my kitchen and fine on airplay if the disappearing act rises again. I’ll move the 2 x play 1 on at some point. Or have a sacrificial burning.

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