Sonos Device disappears from Roon [Ticket In]

There is no wired backhaul on my network.

When the Sonos disappears from Roon it is always still 100% available via Sonos app. The play 5 inside Roon is also the only thing on the network that falls over. This is on a network with 10 wired and 9 wifi devices connected.

Network setup is same as pre Roon 1.8. Used to have 5 Sonos devices still at that point and all were 100% stable inside Roon. Started to fall apart after 1.8 release. It did get fixed for a number of months after reassigning IP address for Sonos devices but then after another Roon update it fell apart again and the old fixes no longer worked. I sold all my remaining Sonos except for one play 5 and that one is fine via Airplay for my needs.

I’m only really posting to see if Roon can relate my experience and logs to others suffering the same issue who may need non airplay Sonos stability in Roon like it used to be pre 1.8

I know Roon have not been able to recreate the issue, but the issue is real, is affecting a number of users. It all started after 1.8 rollout and still remains today.



I’ll have a tinker later and attempt breaking my setup to see if I can replicate what you’re experiencing.

I trust your Sonos Five is on the latest firmware.

I completely appreciate those who are having issues are frustrated.

So you had issues from 1.8 onwards.

Did you find your Sonos equipment would reappear in Roon after powering off and on your Sonos kit?

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Lewis yes it came through on one of the beta tests for a particular build of 1.8 (there were multiple release’s in 1.8 lifetime)

I previously had 3 years without any issue until that first build and within 4 hours all my Sonos device’s were gone (restart Core would bring them back)
I think I was the only person on the beta to have the issue and I sent copious amounts of logs to Roon at the time who could see the disappearance but not reproduce.

We came up with way’s to partly mitigate it between us all, such as DHCP reservations, moving off SonosNet, Unplugging Ethernet and for some that worked and for others not.

I explained my recent getting it working again in a previous post but it is finally working for me now reliably after over a year with unusable Roon in multiple rooms without leaving a spare modern Sonos that can be used via Airplay.
But it relies on the fact that the devices have Airplay enabled.


Yes, from 1.8 - everything OK prior to that.

Only reboot of core (I run ROCK on NUC) brings the sonos devices back inside Roon.
Sonos app never loses the devices.
Yes Im on latest Sonos firmware.

Good luck breaking it, hope you get it back to normal afterwards otherwise you’ll end up in this thread on loop.


@Michael_Harris Am I correct in thinking you have a NUC with Rock? If so which gen?

@ogdens_sliced which gen NUC is yours?

Lewis I have a 10th Gen i5 with 16GB RAM, though I think I still had a Nuc7i5 when this issue started.

I did not upgrade to the newer Nuc because of this issue, but the older Nuc was struggling with DSD upscaling and clogged up with dust.

Edit: Orbi WiFi Mesh (x3) (Tri channel with dedicated backhaul)

NUC is 8i5 with 16GB RAM.
Network is Synology RT2600 AC router and 2 x MR2200 AC .
Synology is running latest version of SRM 1.3

Have you got a spare none NUC to try Rock as a Mock?

Would you also consider trying Ubuntu server with Roon server on it?

From reading more into this it does appear to be a Roon related issue. Although, im not using a NUC and having attempted to break my Sonos in the last hour or so, I can’t.

I flick between Rock on my Dell with Ubuntu Server when I get the urge to tinker with things like Pinhole amongst other things.

I’m wondering if it’s NUC related.

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I installed Roon on my old Nuc after installing Ubuntu and got the same issues, then I sold it as it was getting no use.

I originally described it to support as a Roon discovery bug. As it looks like as Roon is constantly looking for devices, it just decides the Sonos are no longer where it thought they were and just drops them all and cannot find them again (until a restart). At the same time there was an issue with Meridian user’s who complained about exactly the same thing happening.

The problem now is I have got rid of the problem and I really don’t want it back :grin:

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Can I please add a note for support that my roon setup also does this. We have three sonos devices, an ikea sonos lamp, a sonos play 1, and a roam. If left alone, both the roam and play drop off roon and simply cannot be found until you go into the sonos app and wake them up.

For some reason the ikea lamp remains connected always.

It’s not a network issue or a signal issue. I run an enterprise grade Cisco meraki network with access points all over the house. The sonos 1 is within 2m of an access point and once found by roon, will play music indefinitely.

It’s an issue that is starting to become very annoying for us. Would appreciate if roon could suggest when they plan to have this fixed?

Do the sonos one and roam both support airplay?
If so, that is your best fix.

This disappearing act is soon 15 months old and still no fix.
Personally Ive stopped holding my breath on this one.

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You poor suffering people. I only just had this problem returning from vacation today and already it is REALLY annoying. Can’t believe it’s been ongoing for 15 months. I can’t even see my Sonos devices in Airplay. My Roam was the only unaffected device.

What’s funny is, I used to LOVE Roon because it always had an unbreakable connection to the Sonos devices, even when the Sonos app forgot about them and couldn’t find them.

Plus ca change

Really annoying? You are too polite :v:

Strange if Airplay has also disappeared for you, have not experienced that during the last 15 months. Does airplay not remain stable after reboot of core?

If you search the forum for the Sonos issue there are a few potential “fixes” that have worked for some people / with varying levels of success / for various time periods of stability.

Roon are obviously aware of the Sonos issue and have collected enough logs to publish a series of coffee table books, but they are unable to “recreate it in the lab”.

Good luck in your tinkering.

the problem seems to be solved for me since build 1169.

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Good news, though sadly that happened to me a few times in the last year, but some order of reboot set it off again.
Let’s hope it stays working for you, as mine has for the last couple of months

After more than a year, and since the last Roon update, my Sonos are stable. Hope it stays this way!

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I can also confirm my single sonos unit is (currently) stable again after recent roon build updates. This is on either wired or wifi connection.

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It’s been a long time for you as well so good news.

I assume small tweaks made, but also there have been recent Sonos firmware updates and I never know who to attribute either the fixes or the problems too.

I haven’t done anything apart from apply the regular Roon updates.
I only re-enabled Sonos streaming for the Play 5 after noticing the couple of posts above by other users reporting new stability.
This reconfirms to me that the root cause is not a home networking issue.

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Sorry I meant tweaking by Roon, but I did not make that clear.
Good news for you regardless