Sonos devices can't be controlled

I updated my Sonos devices last nite (2 Play5s and 2 Connects) as per the direction of the Sonos app. Now I can’t control them with Roon. I get the “Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device” message when I click on play. They still all show up as zones. But they can’t be controlled thru Roon. Anyone else experiencing this?

Joe Kenney

Hi Joe,

I have encountered similar problems in the past after a sonos update. I found that quitting and then restarting the Roon core was enough to resolve this. You may have already tried but if not then it is worth a shot.


Hello @Joe_Kenney,

As @Yiannis_Kouropalatis mentioned I would try rebooting your Sonos devices, Roon Core and Networking gear as the first troubleshooting step. Please let me know if that helps re-establish control of them.


Just wanted to follow up on what @noris mentioned above. I have not needed to power cycle my sonos devices but it may help if all else fails. For the past few sonos updates I noticed the same issue mentioned by @Joe_Kenney. Sonos units would show up on Roon but playback would interrupt (“Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device”). A Roon core restart fixes it for me. This only occurs when Sonos units receive an update.
If all else fails though maybe rebooting sonos devices is a good way to go.

Thanks guys! Yes, rebooting my Roon Core did the trick. You saved me hours of frustration. Thanks again!


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