Sonos disappearing in Roon

I’m really disappointed today. I haven’t received any news from Roon regarding the Sonos issue. Finally i subscribe to the life time subscription and i wasn’t awarded my first year subscriptions. Dear Beka, I trusted Roon to get in the time an answer to my issue which not happened and now this issue. What’s going wrong? Please help to solve

There is no current quick fix for this from Roon side. They have been investigating it since first flagged back in September 2021.

Roon support is also known to be notoriously slow - we are not dealing with a “call center” on the other end of the communication chain here.
It is what it is.

Unfortunately, user input is required to fix this at the moment as mentioned a few posts up and the other threads on the topic.

In short form, you need to get Sonos onto wifi only and re-assign all the IP address of the Sonos units on your LAN.

If that is beyond your current IT skill set (no negativity implied here) - is one of your inner / extended circle able to give you a hand?

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You probably need some help from @accounts to get the refund/credit for your first year subscription

Thank you for the information

I’ve got this idea also from Michael, need to test it. For the moment i have no idea how this works, I’ve invested a lot for LAN cabling because my house isn’t WIFI friendly, it will be a challenge to go to WIFI for Sonos. I wasn’t aware that Roon is so buggy, I’m testing this platform for a possible roll out here in the area, we are also dealing with Trinnov, but when Roon is so buggy i see no chance. They must upgrade her support, thanks a lot

Yes Michael i’ve send a mail, but when this support is so slow then the technical one, i doesn’t see any chance and my money is wasted… Thank you always for you help, i propose that Roon has to engage you to improve the support.

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Nooooo that would only mean I take the blame :wink:

(I have enough of that in my day IT role)

Slow but methodical is the support mantra, and sadly they can sometimes only diagnose and not fix all problems as that is with the development team.
Hopefully Accounts will get to you more quickly and get that sorted for you.

Totally right :slight_smile:

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Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

I wanted to check in and let you know that our QA and technical team are still investigating this and I’m hopeful we should have a reply very soon :nerd_face:

Please, don’t lose hope :sparkles:

As far as your subscription information goes, I’ll reply to that via the personal message you’ve mentioned.

Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

It so happens that I’ve just heard back from our QA and technical teams. All of the information we’ve discussed on this thread was consolidated in a ticket that they investigated thoroughly.

What I should mention stood out from the very beginning is the device that is being used as a Core (the SynologyDS918+ with Intel Celeron J3455 and 4 GB of RAM) is barely meeting the recommendations we suggest for a Roon Core, meaning that it might struggle in many areas, depending on the way it is being used.

Just as an example, after pulling the logs on our end, the processing speed of Qobuz FLAC files is 0.7 (at least 1.0 is necessary), which might manifest in audio dropouts.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re fairly certain that the Sonos issues you’re experiencing are not related to the known bug that was mentioned above, but rather connected to the Core.

We’d love to make absolutely sure this is the case, so could you please:

  • reboot the Roon Core
  • when the Sonos devices disappear again, please write down the local date and time
  • restart RoonServer to get out of this state
  • grab a set of logs, zip up the entire folder, upload it here and please share with us the timestamp

We’ll stay in touch :nerd_face:

What is about the life time sibscription. I propose to cancel it but i see only problems with Roon

Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

I just sent you an email about that :relieved:

Log files uploaded as you’ve asked, please advise

Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

Thank you! We got all the uploads.

Would you please be so kind as to let us know the local date and time when the Sonos devices disappeared?

It will help our technicians a lot in pinpointing the issue :pray:

a have a daily restart of the system around 5:00 am and the system has worked until 12:00-12:30

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Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

I wanted to let you know that we’re still looking into this. I’ll follow up as soon as I have an update :nerd_face:

Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

I wanted to check in :nerd_face:

Our team took a deep dive in your logs and we couldn’t find any network errors or any errors at all pointing to the disappearing of your Sonos zones. This also means that, unfortunately, we don’t have any actionable steps :pensive:

We want to take this further. Are there any updates on your end? Any change in behavior?

Hello Beka

it has been taken a little more time to respond, sorry.

But until today, there is no changes.
I’m wondering about your reaction, as i know, a lot of users has this problem with Sonos.

Somtheings i haven’t tested is to run the Sonos purelly over WIFI (or only one player connected via LAN), this action needs a lot of work and improvements in my house.
Do you have any ecperience if this is can helps?



Be aware if you wire one speaker to ethernet you will switch you system over to Sonosnet.

The details are on the link below.

Hi Beka I don’t want to pile in on this, but since build 903 I’m having exactly the same problem, at least once or twice a day.

Everything is wireless, all devices are on reserved DHCP addresses, and Sonos is 100% reliable if used separately. I have supplied multiple logs in the past, but this worked for month’s until build 903.
I have rebooted everything on the network and all device’s multiple times but I cannot find anything to make this reliable.
All my Roon Ready devices are completely stable, but Sonos devices inside Roon just disappear randomly.

I am happy to create a new ticket if you can get anyone from QA involved, or I can go back to my old ticket.

Hello Beka
any chance to investigate what happens in build 903? have a look to Michael comments.