Sonos dropouts since build 416

I have a grouped Sonos zone that Roon played to without problem until, I think, the latest build. What happens now is I can select an album, it’ll play and then for some reason stop (so far usually in the middle of the track). I can manually restart it, then a few songs in it’ll stop again. So far haven’t noticed this in my non-Sonos zones. Any suggestions? Thanks. @support

Hi @soyka0120,

Can you please provide some more information regarding your setup here?

  • What is your Core operating system & specs?
  • What model Sonos zones are you using?
  • How are the Sonos zones connected to the network? WiFi/Ethernet?
  • Does this issue only occur when you group them or do they have this issue when not grouped?

– Noris

Running Roon Core on a Sonictransporter i7 (I think that’s a Linux OS, right?)
Using a Sonos Connect to Klipsch speakers in one zone
Sonos amp (the original 50 watt, white one) to Klipsch speakers in another zone
Usually play these in a group, haven’t tried ungrouping to see if the problem is different
Zones connected via WiFi


Hi @soyka0120,

  • Can you give try to see what the behavior is like if the Sonos zones are not grouped?
  • Are the Sonos zones connected directly to your WiFi or to the Sonos mesh network?
  • Can you note the exact local time and date of the next failure of when they are grouped? E.g. 11:41PM on 5/6/19. This will be useful if we need to take a look at diagnostics after further troubleshooting.

– Noris

Ungrouped the zones. Same issue. Did it this morning Thursday May 16. Living Room stops at 7"20, 7:22, 7:36 EDT Living Room 2 7:43, 7:47 7:50, again all times Eastern Daylight. Get the message “Roon lost control of the device.”

The zones I believe are tied into the Sonos network. Again, this doesn’t happen with the non-Sonos zones.

Also, to further clarify, this seems to happen only with Tidal tracks. Everything plays off my hard drive flawlessly…

Hi @soyka0120,

I have enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our diagnostics servers for analysis. I am taking a look at the timestamps you mentioned and I am seeing some networking issues at play, almost as if the network connection to the internet is dropping.

Can you please double check to make sure that this issue does not occur on your non-sonos zones with the same TIDAL content? I noticed that you were playing network radio and local content without issue on other zones but it would be good to know if TIDAL works as expected for an extended period of time (6-12hrs) on the PS Audio zone, and you can mute the volume if you don’t want to actually listen to the stream.

If you experience any issues on the non-sonos zones please do note the timestamps as you have done before.

– Noris

Tidal works flawlessly on the PS Audio zone

Hi @soyka0120,

Thanks for confirming that. You mentioned that the zones are tied to the Sonos network, can you let me know if there is any change in behavior if you use your WiFi network instead of the Sonos network for these zones?

– Noris

I think I was able to change the Sonos to wireless, same issue. Now, I’m beginning to think this is a Tidal thing. Playing Tidal through the Sonos app (via iPhone) I also got stuttering and complete dropouts. But here is where it gets weird…I can play Tidal through the Tidal app (via iPhone) fairly well. Occasional stuttering, but nothing like the behavior on Roon and Sonos.

Hi @soyka0120,

Based on your last message here it seems like something might be going on with your TIDAL account or your network connection. Is the behavior the same if you use LTE/4G?

If there is any kind of stuttering without Roon in the mix perhaps you can take a closer look at the hardware and maybe even inquire with TIDAL if there are any issues with your account.


What’s even more bizarre is that after this being a problem for weeks, it has somehow magically gone poof. Played Tidal to the sonos zones via Roon uninterrupted all day yesterday. The only thing I can possibly think of is that switching sonos from mesh to wi-fi and then back again somehow or another initiated a reset. Either that or Jupiter is ascending…

Thanks for the follow up.

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Hi David,

Thanks for letting me know that the issue went away. It is strange but glad to hear that those changes triggered different behavior. I am going to mark this thread as [solved] but if the issue comes back feel free to reach out to us again and we can take another look.

– Noris

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