Sonos Dropouts with Roon

Core Machine

Threadripper 1950X with 64GB RAM

Network Details

Netgear router, 1G Switch, CAT 5E cables

Audio Devices

Sonos ARC, Sonos One

Description of Issue

When streaming to Sonos from Roon, I am getting dropouts every 30 seconds to 1 minute. Roon does not lose control of the Sonos speaker, but the dropouts are regular and lasts 2-3 seconds each time. The tracks I am playing are on a hard drive in the same PC as the Roon Core. When I play these same tracks via the Sonos App, I don’t get dropouts.

Some of my Sonos devices are hardwired and some are connected via WiFi. Both connections experience dropouts via Roon but not via Sonos App.

Any ideas?

Hi @hammer ,

Can you please confirm what Operating System you are using on the Roon Core?

Are you playing to these Sonos zones as a grouped device or individually when the issue occurs?

Please let us know when possible, thanks!

Hi, I’m playing to individual sonos devices, not as a group. Thank you!

Hammer I went through this a few years ago and it was really frustrating. It seems to me that Roon requires way more bandwidth than Sonos on its own. I also found that if I was playing lower resolution than CD quality the problems went away (not a solution but a good testing point)

I had a boost in my network that while it should have helped, caused a lot of dropouts, especially when I had it plugged into the same switch as my Amp (so I took it out and put the Amp on Ethernet)
Have you disabled WiFi on the device’s with Ethernet.

Thanks…that’s helpful to know. Just so strange since I tried putting a hardwired access point in the same room as the Sonos device that was dropping and still the dropouts remained. How do you disable WiFi on the Sonos device? I think I’m using sonosnet since when I check the device, it says WM:0. I also recall using WiFi instead of SonosNet was worse and so I switched to SonosNet.

I am on holiday at the moment so don’t have access to my gear.
There is a setting under settings->Networking (from memory) but you can enable Ethernet under the settings for each device in settings menu. That helped my setup a lot (along with Orbi Mesh that I could plug into in different room’s