Sonos error - Unable to play 'roon.wav' - the song is not encoded correctly

Ever since the latest Sonos or Roon update I pretty much cannot play music through my Sonos system. I get the following errors:

In Sonos app:
Unable to play ‘roon.wav’ - the song is not encoded correctly

In Roon app:
Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device

This error occurs on all my Sonos zones. It also happen whether I play my own music or music from Tidal.

I’ve always had some issues playing through my Sonos system with Roon but lately it wont work at all. Powering down my Sonos seems to help for a while then this happens again.

It’s weird that we’re playing WAV and not FLAC. Any idea why that might be? If not, we can enable some diagnostics and take a look.

Can you also give us your system details? Thanks!

All of my music is in FLAC. That is the error in Sonos regardless of what file type I play.

Roon version 1.4, latest build, 64 bit
PC - Server R2 Essentials, i7-6700, 16GB of RAM
Music stored on NAS hardwired to wireless router
Network - PC connected to wireless AC bridge downstairs

No issues when playing music through the PC. The error only happens when I play through Sonos.