Sonos feature requests

Some Sonos requests, others may chime in:

  • When adjusting Groups, music stops while group is reformed. In native Sonos it does not stop, please allow especially an additional end point be added in without stopping the music

  • Ideally no “lost control of device”, but since that appears not possible, please append the name of the end point that lost control. Scenario is 4-5 devices in different rooms, it is not always obvious which one dropped.

  • Have the buttons on Sonos hardware work as designed. After pause, be able to restart stream, even a day later or more. Double click button to skip song.

  • Be able to edit Tidal playlists from within Roon like you can in Sonos apps (my personal broken record item)

  • Allow full grouping and ungrouping, not having one anchor end point that can’t be ungrouped

Overall stability improvements always welcome!

Thanks for all your work Roonies!


PS - the + and - volume controls are hugely helpful!