SONOS group control not responding correctly

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro Tower PC, built myself approx 6 years old 16gb ram multiple HDDs AMD 8 core CPU

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Windows 10 Pro, Netgear Nighthawk router, and Netgear switches throughout the house, all hardwired where possible.

Connected Audio Devices

52000 tracks

Description of Issue

SONOS grouping not working correctly, turn off grouping for the backyard - stereo pair of play1s on wifi. Says backyard turned off but keeps playing. Go to SONOS app and correct no issue.

Try turning zone on/off and gets zones mixed up, says kitchen playing but it’s the backyard. Kitchen is hardwired Ethernet.

All units have the latest updates.

Hey @BattleScarze,

Ben here with the support team, it’s great to see you on community again! I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were still running into issues with your Sonos.

If so, the first thing to do is give both your network/router,core, and endpoints a hard reboot. If you’re still running into issues after that, try disconnecting the endpoints/zone in question, and reconnect them to your core.

If you’re still running into issues after that, please provide a timestamp (date,time) of when the issue occurs and share it here. We’ll enable diagnostics on your account to take a deeper look into what might be going on at the time of the issue :+1:

Hello Ben, it’s great to be back.

I’ve hard rebooted my PC (core) and router etc over the past couple weeks.

Same issue, however if I pause the music prior to turning off a zone everything seems okay.

Hey @BattleScarze,

Thanks for letting me know! As a next step, please reproduce the issue and send over a timestamp of when you do this. That way, we can enable diagnostics on your account and take a look into what might specifically going on.


Timestamp? You mean just the time or screenshot or something?

Let me know and I’ll give it a try.


@BattleScarze, yes exactly - the date and time of when the issue occurs :+1:

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