"Sonos like" whole house audio system with Roon as the control software

The Roon Core would convert DSD to 192/24 PCM before sending a synchronous stream to multiple pi’s.
I’ve just tried it with a couple of my Sonos’s. they don’t accept DSD, far from it!
But I can play DSD source material to them synchronously, it’s just prepared into 16bit 48KHz by the Roon Core as that’s the maximum delivery quality the Sonos can accept.

Roon automatically knows the maximum resolution the end-points can accept, and prepares the audio stream accordingly.

So… you could use Pi’s with DAC’s to drive your multi-zone amp no problem.

I use the Node 2 and it’s been flawless for me with streaming connected over ethernet like my core which is an i7 Dell XPS also wired in my equipment closet. I have been debating the Blusound speakers as an eventual takeover in rooms instead of Sonos for better grouping. I’d love to see Roon offfer better support for Mixed device types so things like Airplay and Sonos could all mix together which would be an amazing win. For now though it seems you need to have your end points match type in order to coordinate properly.

Until the update, I’m not sure it’s clear whether the second step is reliable - I.e. Using the grouped NAD zones to reliably sync with other Roon zones - perhaps the writer of Roon + Bluesound problems (@Craig_Palmer) might clarify? That’s basically where some of us with BS devices are stuck at the moment.

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I use IQAudio gear for a similar setup. Works very well.


What software is your Savant system on? 6, 7, 8? I know Savant is releasing an updated music server in the next couple months. They’ve been moving towards a more open platform from the Autonomics units they were using before. There are talks of Roon integration… Should be out by the end of Q1.

I have multizone sync problems within bluesound zones and with bluesound and non bluesound zones.

I’m on V8.1 Savant but I’ve had it with them. I’ve been through 2 generations of hw upgrades, both expensive. I’m tired of waiting weeks or months for the only Savant programmer in the DC area to make an appointment to make small changes. And I’m tired of having to reboot the Mac Mini that is central to this system every few days to get it to respond. I’m not waiting for future promises and I’m sure as hell not going to invest in yet another generation of proprietary hw. They are stuck in the 1990’s model and the world has moved on to open source, open APIs, and hw standards that work across multiple vendors products. Savant has missed the boat, I’m afraid.

I do like the Savant 8125 8 channel amp…I have 3 of them - its the same as the Lexicon DD8 of which I also have 2 which is based on the Crown 8 channel as I understand it.

If you have one to sell please PM me

Thanks @Craig_Palmer - hopefully useful info for the OP.

I’m using an Elac as a streamer, with Roon Essentials.
The Elac is connected with my Rotel audio.

My apologies, I will admit that I read rather diagonally through the thread so feel free to ignore me. :wink:

What is running your Roon server? Could you put 4 small-ish DACs with line output behind it via USB that plug into a power amp?

I imagine that you could then control all of the Roon server’s outputs independently, no?

I might be missing something though.


That option was discussed but I ruled it out as too complicated and expensive once you include 4 DACs (with volume control), 4 RAAT streamers, 4 USB cables, 4 network cables, 4 sets of RCA cables, and 8 power supplies with their associated cables. I ordered a NAD CI-580 which should be in this week.

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Now that’s some good decision making! You getting the companion amp?

No, I already have an AudioAccess 6 zone amp. My dealer has a new Sonance 4 zone with a lot more power and that can be controlled via my Harmony Hub, so I will give that a trial.

Hi ksalno - I have a Room Nucleus+ and bought a house with distributed audio in ceiling speakers in every room. I’m looking for the same Sonos like whole house functionality. The person I was talking with about installing some upgrades was pushing Savant, but I wouldn’t be able to use Roon.

Now that you’ve had your NAD for a while, are you happy with it? Does it integrate well with Roon? Are you glad you moved away from Savant?

Thanks in advance!

Bluesound do great whole house that works with Roon and Hi Res

Thanks for the quick response!