Sonos Migrant ... A little help setting up please

Apologies for the late reply, it seems the Room site limited day one messages from new users to 18! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the steer Mike … I like that.

I’ve got an old QNAP that is low on CPU and I’ve just bought a much newer and more powerful QNAP TS-253be-4g. Trouble is I can’t yet afford the 4x6TB drives to popular it! ;-(:neutral_face: It’s much higher on CPU and memory.

But I have to say I’ve been looking for an excuse to play with one of those Intel boxes. I believe a new one is just announced… the NUC9.

So you would say the NUC solution better than the NAS?

Hi Michael, Yes currently direct from the CA … in fact two of them in one room and then copper out from each CA to each pair of speakers. The infrastructure in that sense is (in the main) perfect for a phase out or move away from.

Will take a look at the search Michael … yes the first section is definitely looking at my libary on NAS, the second section has a few albums but looking at Tidal directly, has a lot more … the sort of catalog you’d expect. And yes can see another section with singles and ep’s … not seeing anything there. But odd.

In the case of Foo Fighters search, I’d expect at least 14+ major albums plus a load of odd ball stuff. You can see them on Tidal as I say.

Nuc to run Roon and your NAS drives to hold and play your music from. I am assuming with 24tB you also want to play movies from there as well?

That’s right Michael. There’s a lot of music there but video is the main data… Time read on the NUC as well.

It appears that Sonos is strongly hinting at a U turn in some respects on the legacy / new network zoning which is encouraging. But interest in Roon is starting to take over for me.

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@Attacama40 what ever you decide keep in mind to have an option for offline way of playing all your stored music. Roon is an online only software.

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