Sonos Move issue?

My Sonos move shows up as “other network devices” rather than Roon tested. However my Sonos Play 3 Shows up as Roon Tested.

I still get that too!
Anyone else?

This is a known “problem” and has been reported by several people. It affects all newer Sonos devices.

It is probably because these Sonos devices are not available to Roonlabs for testing and therefore cannot be tested.

However, I can say from personal experience that this does not affect the function.

I own about 80 percent of the current Sonos lineup and generally have no problems with it.

Thanks for the explanation. It is strange that Roon would not get some of these inexpensive units to test given their ubiquity in the streaming world. I assume this is because Sonos is not offering them for testing?

It doesn’t look like Sonos acknowledge that Roon exists.
Also Roon now have a large selection of proper Roon devices available so they don’t really need to test Sonos device’s as generally they just work.

Listening to Roon on a Move as I write this, and wishing I had two for proper stereo separation.

I love the Move. I am so impressed with the overall balance and power. Great build quality too. Never been a Sonos guy but got the Arc with a couple of Ones for my tv and became a convert.

I have been moving in the other direction towards devices that are Roon Ready, but I got a Move and a Roam and they are great little device’s. Beyond that I have been a Sonos customer since 2006 and I have always liked it.

I’m thinking of getting an Arc to replace my big 7.2.1 Onkyo Amplifier and moving two of my play ones to be the surround sound. It’s a difficult decision as I also like the Bluesound gear that I have, but I want to keep my 2 channel and home cinema quite separate.

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Did the same. After the Move, I so impressed that I bought the Arc and two Play ones for surround just for TV/Movies. I still use my Marantz and KEF LS50’s for CD’s and streaming.

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I was quite surprised at how good the arc is for film and TV. I put one in my new TV room in the converted garage and it sounds fab. Not sure if it would beat my Arcam AV in my main room for pure SQ but it’s a very good fake surround system.


So much more convenient though if you don’t already have an AV system set-up.