Sonos not playing

Hello, running Roon on a MacBook Air with a Nucleus as the core. Suddenly music doesn’t play on Sonos speakers. Roon shows it as playing but the time never advances. Roon works on the computer’s speakers, just not the Sonos. And the Sonos speakers work fine with other sources of music. Everything has long worked fine, and the only change I can think of is the Catalina update. Though this doesn’t seem like one of the side effects others have described as there’s no trouble with my NAS set-up being recognized or the database. I’ve tried the simple fixes like rebooting and re-enabling the Sonos speakers. All suggestions welcome and thanks, Robert Messenger

Hi @Robert_Messenger,

Does the Airplay output to your Sonos speakers exhibit the same issue? Are you using the newest Sonos firmware? How is your Sonos connected, is it using WiFi, SonosNet or Ethernet?

Hello Noris, AirPlay actually works. It didn’t yesterday, but I did uninstall and reinstall the app as suggested on Sonos forums with Catalina discussions. so Airplay works, but not the higher quality Sonos direct. The speakers are up-to-date according to the Sonos app. Everything is connected to WiFi—Eero mesh set-up. It is a strange trouble as everything seems in perfect working order, but the music won’t start playing—though Roon shows it as playing but the time stamp never moves and, of course, no sound. But I can transfer it to my computer speakers and it starts.

Have you rebooted your room server?

That worked. I don’t know why I didn’t think to reboot the Nucleus when I rebooted everything else. Thank you, Ged, for noting and suggesting.

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