"Sonos: Play5" endpoint issues - "transport lost control of audio device" error

I cant use my Sonos with Roon either because of the “transport lost control of audio device” error as well.

I have my Roon core running on windows 10, i7 6700, 16gb ram and a local 6tb drive.
My computer connects to a switch, which connects back to a sonos boost, which is connected to my wifi router, which is connected to my company provided DSL modem. Sonos is connected to the isolated network from the boost.

Anyway, sonos works fine with their app. Also no problems if I plug my Cgromecast Audio into my Play:5. I have no issues casting to sonos irectly from within Google Music app either.

Roon chokes on the first note. Then plays out of one speaker, stuttering, then goes silent. Then the transport lost error.

Hi @Ian_Celing ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us. Both are very appreciated. Sorry to hear of the troubles. I have went ahead and split your post out to it’s own topic so we can address this behavior with you directly.

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior you are experiencing, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  • Please verify how close in proximity the Boost is to the mentioned router. I had another user not long ago report a similar issue and it was discovered that the Sonos manual recommends keeping the boost at least 1 foot from the router being implemented.

  • I understand based on your post that the Play:5 is communicating with the sub-network being created by the Boost. During your troubleshooting have you tried testing with the Boost disabled (temporarily of course) to see how the system behaves?


Hi Eric,

I know whats its like trying to establish an initial baseline with a customer when troubleshooting an issue with multiple moving parts. - I’ll describe my setup as best as I can, but here’s an embarrassing floor plan to help visualize.
Floor Plan
Roon Jukebox

The boost is wired to the TPLink AC1750 router.
The two Play:5"s are wired together and stereo paired with the Sub.
All Play:1’s, Play:5 (right) and Sub are wirelessly connected.

I’ve tried running the Roon core on 2 LAN connected PC’s (i7 6700k) which connect back through an un-managed switch, which goes to the Boost, which connects to the router.

Internet >> DSL Modem >> WiFi Router >> Boost >> Forwarding Switch >> PC’s

Internet >> DSL Modem >> WiFi Router >> Mobile Devices

Interestingly enough, I installed Roon Core on my Intel Compute Stick CS325 which is WiFi only, and outputs via 3.5mm audio cable to the Play:5. The music library is an SMB share back on one of the LAN PC’s.
In this setup, the playback is perfect. No interruptions, cut-outs or stuttering with Sonos speakers.
Looking at my network map, the only difference is that shitty 10/100MB switch. Its getting replaced by a Ubiquiti managed switch this winter, so I’ll try it again then.

Thanks for your interest.

The only other feedback I would forward to your DevOps is:

  1. Roon app needs to be able to scale album/artist covers in the grid view. Allow adjusting the grid columns to 1,2,3,4 cols wide, which will provide better support for viewing on large screens where the artwork is currently too small from a couch view.
  2. Improved the overall shuffle/radio algorithm to allow users to fine-tune things like, artist repeat interval, genre influence, and prefer re-discovery of music not played in a long time.
  3. Release an API so we can develop our own music services (Google Play Music) and extensions.

Thanks for touching base with me @Ian_Celing, very appreciated!

Based on the feedback offered in your posts, at first glance this behavior you are experiencing does feel environmental based to me and I would agreed that replacing the mentioned 10//100MB switch is a good first step. Please keep us informed on how further testing goes with a new switch in place :microscope:

Lastly, I would recommend posting your comments for our Devs in the feature request section of the community site as this is really place you will want to offer ideas, comments, and general feedback about the application.

Thanks for the insight!