Sonos playback errors - "Roon lost control control of the audio device"

I see this issue frequently when trying to play through Sonos. Usually if I press play again the error does not come back. It seems to happen randomly.

I have also had a couple of these when playing to Sonos.

Can you guys let us know the details of your configurations?

In my case:
Roon 1.3
Windows 10 64 bit
HP Envy laptop i5 with SSD as Roon core
Music library on Synology NAS
iPad as Roon remote
Sonos 5, Sonos Connect (wired), Sonos 1 (x2)

Network: Mix of wired and wifi, routers and access points.

My hardware:
Custom built i7-3700s, 8gb RAM, Server 2012 R2
Sonos Zp80, Zp90, Zp100

Wireless AC (Sonos on 2.4ghz channel)

Hi @Toolio and @tboooe ----- When and if you make this observation again (Roon losing control of the Sonos device) may I kindly ask you both to please give us a copy of your logs (they are in your Roon database folder) by uploading them to Dropbox and sharing a link with me here or in a PM (which ever you prefer).


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I suspect this isn’t your problem, but just in case: Touching any of the playback control buttons (except volume up/down) on the Sonos app or physical buttons on the Sonos devices will cause that message.

Just to confirm, I am not touching my Sonos device or app at all when this happens.

@eric I will send a log when this happens again (it has happened twice already this morning).

I am also not touching any Sonos buttons. I listened to Sonos for a few hours last night, without problems. I have four Sonos devices and am wondering whether this might be device specific. The devices in use last night were not the same ones on which I had earlier problems. I will gladly send logs, although I’ll be away for the next five days, so I won’t be testing further until mid-week next week.

More feedback…sometimes Sonos will actually play the music fine for about 1-3 seconds before throwing the error. Pressing play again always works.

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Hi @tboooe ---- Thank you for the feedback! Just wanted to touch base here to make sure I didn’t miss your logs if they had been uploaded already.


Eric, perhaps a dumb question…when this happens do I need to capture the log from my Roonserver PC or can I use the logs from my Roon remote PC? I assume you need it from Roonserver?

@tboooe — RoonServer please, thanks!


Eric, is there another way I can get you the relevant information for this issue? I am running Roonserver on a PC that has Server 20102 R2 installed in minimal server mode. The path to the logs you requested does not seem to be accessible from the command line in this mode.

BTW, this issue is definitely happening more frequently with both internet radio and my music files.

Mike - I’m having the same issue and I just experienced it and will pm you a dropbox link to the log. My setup is:

RoonServer on a dedicated QNAP
Remote on Mac OS X
Having the issue with my Sonos zones

let me know any details that would be helpful about the config

@tboooe @Toolio @Paul_Gaffney

Are you seeing playback stop anywhere within a track, or is it happening only at the very beginning of a track?

Are you playing tracks that are all 16/44.1 or are you playing higher resolutions that Roon needs to downsample (either 24 bit or DSD)?

I’ve been experiencing something similar, but in my case the stop always happens at a track transition and it’s more common when the prior track was 16/44 and the current track (the one that stops) is higher resolution and requires downsampling.

@AMP for me issues at the beginning. Music will play for a few seconds then stops. I can then press play again and typically I won’t have any more problems.

This occurs with all music formats.

As I understand @AMP’s question/report, it’s not about any one music format. The thing he’s saying provokes the problem is transitions between different music formats on the same playlist. So, for example, playing two 44.1/16 MP3 files and then a 96/24 FLAC file would be more likely to cause a stop at the 44.1/16 -> 96/24 transition.

In addition to his evidence that this is a problem, Roon internally effectively stops and restarts the whole stream to change DSP settings when this occurs. This gives a mechanism as to why this would be more likely to cause breakage in the Sonos streaming mechanism, because there are more moving parts to go wrong.

(Sadly, I’ve tried looping playlists of 5second tracks each with a different format, and can’t trigger this reliably)

for me the issues occur (1) only with Sonos, (2) at seemingly random places during playback - rarely at the beginning of a song

For me it rarely occurs once I get the music playing. 9 out of 10 times the error only occurs within the first 5 seconds of me starting a song. However, today while playing Tidal I got the error during the middle of the playlist at the transition point. No upsampling or conversion.