Sonos - "Roon Lost Control of the Audio Device"

I am using a Mac Mini as Core and using Roon’s latest software update.

I have just purchased a lifetime membership from Roon. When I setup all my devices everything was working perfectly. I was happy that Roon was working as advertised.

My issue is that my Sono endpoints (I have 3 Sonos Connects) are not working. They were working fine up to today and now I get a message “ROON LOST CONTROL OF THE AUDIO DEVICE”. I tried to going into setting to reset the devices but it will not allow me to save the defaults settings. Note that one Sonos Connect is using WiFi while the other two are connected direct via ethernet. All are using coaxial out to an external dac.

I am able to play music through the Sonos device using the Sonos App and Qobuz. I have other non-Sonos endpoints and I am able to play music OK.

What can I do to reconnect the 3 Sonos Connects to Roon??? I tried to find the answer in the forum. It appears that others have had this same problem but I could not find on how to resolve this problem. I hoping that after just buying a lifetime membership that i will not continue to have these type of problems.

I look forward to hearing back from Roon with a solution to my problem.

Thanks for your help.

Greg Edwards

Hi @Greg_Edwards,

Can you please try rebooting your Core, Networking Gear and Sonos devices as the first troubleshooting step?

What is the exact model/manufacturer of your networking gear?

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