Sonos (S2) endpoints not working in any configuration (completely new installation)

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu Linux 20.04.5 LTS, 24GB RAM, 6-core Xeon CPU

Networking Gear & Setup Details

10GbE Network. Mix of UniFi and Aruba InstantOn. Sonos Network on STP, not RSTP network. Mostly wired end points.

Connected Audio Devices

A LOT. Primary concern is Sonos. Roon Ready devices like DCS, Mola Mola, and A&K work without issue whatsoever. Sonos stopped working months ago and I have tried everything.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I cannot listen to music on any Sonos S2 endpoints on my network (I have 8 Sonos zones). I have rebooted the Sonos devices (Amps, Beams, Arcs, Subs), I have rebooted all network equipment, and I just went scorched earth and deleted my Roon install on the Linux server and built it new. I am only using Tidal and Qobuz. No local tracks. I cannot stream any music anymore to any Sonos endpoints and yet have zero issues streaming to DCS, Mola Mola, and A&K devices.

I have a very advanced knowledge of network build and design, including routing. I have a commercial grade network that this is all running on. I have looked through all of the forum topics that I can find and none of them apply to my situation.

Are the Sonos all on same subnet as rest of the kit? iGMP snooping and mDNS tends to be needed with them on my Unifi network I am experiencing any issues with my Arc.

Yup. All on the same VLAN/Network and IGMP snooping is turned on as is mDNS. Roon finds the Sonos products immediately. I have no issues controlling the Sonos stuff with their controller or Spotify, Tidal, etc as “casting” endpoings. I actually built the Sonos network using Aruba Instant ON equipment because it uses the older STP protocol instead of RSTP like UniFi. UniFi is only involved for passing the VLAN to some Aruba APs.

I also want to add: this all worked until Roon released the new 2.0 system.

Ok - anyone who reads this:

I feel beyond ridiculous. I was only testing with one app on one of my Macs. I restarted my Mac because of software updates being installed and now everything works. It was the client not the server nor the endpoints. It is the only thing I didn’t test. And now it works fine.


Such things happen. Good that it is working now, enjoy the music. :slight_smile:

Here’s where you went wrong. With your background you should always blame the software devs :stuck_out_tongue:

See. It’s always the software never my network.

–ipeverywhere (fellow Network Engineer)

■■■■ happens! Glad it’s sorted. Roons odd with updating though as it tends to loose non RAAT zones frequently for some users. I used to have all Chromecasts go every update until I put on IGMP snooping.

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