Sonos Speakers - Random Track Skipping

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Roon Version 1.8 (build 783) stable

Intel NUC8i7BEH
500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME SSD (Roon Database)
1TB Samsung 870 Evo SATA SSD (Local Storage)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

ROCK connected via ethernet to Fritz!Box 7590 router.

Sonos One SL & Sonos Five both connected via WiFi.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sonos One SL & Sonos Five both connected via WiFi and using Sonos streaming protocol.

Description Of Issue


I am a new to Roon and have had faultless playback for all of the following devices:

Monitor Audio S200 (AirPlay, WiFi)
Monitor Audio S300 (AirPlay, WiFi)
Roopieee on Pi 4B x2 (RAAT, Ethernet)

The issue is with my Sonos speakers, specicially the One SL and Five. Both connected via WiFi and enabled using the Sonos streaming protocol. Both updated using the Sonos iPhone app.

In short, music will randomly skip to the next track without my intervention and when playing albums, will often skip to 30-40 seconds into the next song when moving onto the next track - jarring in gaplass albums.

This means that whenever I use the ‘Add to next’ playback feature, the current song will end, the queued song will start for approximately one second and then it will skip to the next track. This also happens when I use the ‘Play from here’ and ‘Play now’ options.

Interestingly, when the song skips to the next track, the remote app on my iPhone does not update to show the new track - it still thinks the previous song is playing.

This issue is source agnostic. Local Hi-res files that are converted to work on the Sonos, local 16/44.1 files that works without conversion, Qobuz etc. all show the same behaviour of the song skipping, regardless of any required conversion.

This issue is also remote agnostic. Using my Mac or iPhone and the remote also produces the same results.

I use no DSP for any of the connected end-points, and processing speed is never below 60x when it is displayed at all. I will include some screenshots of what the remote app is showing just after I have observed the track skipping.

I can force the Sonos speakers to play a particular song, but this involves me having to intervine and click the ‘Play Now’ option for the song my iPhone already thinks it is playing. After between 3-5 attempts, the song plays without issue. Then the issue can present itself again at any time once this track finishes.

This makes Roon completely unusable on both Sonos speakers for me unfortunately. They both work using the Sonos app without issue.

Hoping some help can be provided as I am loving the Roon experience for everything apart from my Sonos speakers.



Thanks for the detailed report, @TJUK!

Are you playing to both of these devices at the same time? If so, is there any difference if you play to these devices individually?

If possible, just as a test, are you able to connect the Sonos devices via Ethernet? Is there any improvement when doing so?

Hi @dylan ,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I can only imagine the headache it must be trying to diagnose remote network problems.

I have connected the Sonos Five via ethernet and will do some listening over the weekend before reporting back.

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I had the same Problem (with lokal files and with qobuz to). I use the fritzbox 7590 and a sonos one and a sonos port.
It seems that the problem is a unstable internetconnection. I had many disconnections to the internet (vdsl) I changed the settings to more stability and less performance. Now my system is running since two houers without problems. I hope it stays that way.

sorry for my bad english. I live in Germany and dreamed often in school :crazy_face:


Thank you @Rolf_Fey for the suggestion - I will change my settings to see if that helps.

The plot thickens. I think I have isolated the issue to a single variable - mesh WiFi. Have you seen issues with setups like this before, @dylan ?

The skipping only occurs when my Sonos speakers connect via the mesh router rather than straight to the internet router. They do not skip when using the Sonos app, but playing via Roon will randomly skip songs after a static sound.

I have attached a screenshot to show what the connection looks like.

Scratch the above - after disabling the mesh router entirely the problem has started happening again.

Unfortunately @Rolf_Fey ’s suggestion did not work for me. Thank you anyway for the suggestion, I appreciate the effort for reaching out and pointing out a router feature I had not heard of before!

No skipping on ethernet, but on WiFi I have still been unable to reliably stream to my Sonos Five using Roon.

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Hi @support, do you have any suggestions how I can get Sonos streaming to work over WiFi?

My Sonos One SL and Five speakers randomly skip tracks while the remote app still thinks the previous song is playing. This can happen mid-way through a playist/album, at the start or constantly.

Airplay speakers do not exhibit this behaviour, nor do the Sonos speakers when using the Sonos App rather than Roon.

Hi @support, is there any chance this can be looked at please?

When streaming to a single Sonos speaker, songs will skip randomly. The Play/Pause button becomes unresponsive in the iOS remote app when displaying the wrong ‘Now Playing’ song due to these skips.

This is when playing to a single zone using a mix of local and Qobuz files.

Hey @TJUK,

Thanks a whole lot for following up on your posts as things unfolded. Thank you for all the effort you put in to test the different setups and figure out what was happening. We appreciate it.

I’ve gotten in touch with Dylan about this and he’s now aware of your replies. You should hear from him as soon as possible (unfortunately, he was out all week as hr wasn’t feeling well).

Thanks for bearing with us a little longer :bear:

Thank you @rebeka, I appreciate you getting back to me. Hoping Dyan gets well soon!

ok, my problem is still not solved either. I rarely have skippings, but the display is often out of sync with the music. From song to song it runs more and more behind. When it is finally a whole song behind, a song is shown as skipped in the history even though it was not skipped at all. Sometimes the display is also frozen. That then takes one or two songs. Then it works again. However, it doesn’t seem to be a network problem as it affects the display on all Android devices equally. Even the display on the computer on which the Roon server is running is affected. After restarting the roon server, it will be more stable for a while. Playback errors such as jumps or skippings can occur when I use “play next” or when playing / pause / skipp etc.

I’m very sad about that because I like Roon a lot. It’s the best music server system I know. Unfortunately it is useless as long as the Sonos system does not run stably for me.

This is exactly my experience with streaming to both my Sonos Five and One SL. No remote will actually be able to reliably display what song is playing after a short period of time, even with no user intervention and leaving it to run through a playlist.

I must add that my core (NUC 8i7 running ROCK) gets shut down every night, so is regularly rebooted.

I’m in the same boat. For my other devices, it’s a real game-changer. My old Monitor Audio Airstream speakers have no issues, nor do my Pi 4s running RoPieee to USB DACs.

Roon is completely unusable with Sonos for me.

I would like to add that I appreciate how difficult this must be to diagnose - after all, we all have different network setups with a massive amount of variables. I would like to work with @support to find a solution that will benefit the wider user base for what is an excellent product. Apologies if any of this frustration is expressed in a negative way!

I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve had all sorts of problems with my Sonos One when trying to use the Sonos streaming protocol, but Airplay seems a lot more reliable. I thought Airplay was a Mac only thing, but you mentioned you were using it with your Monitor Audio S200 and S300, so if you can, try it with your Sonos devices.

Thank you for that suggestion, this is probably the only viable workaround until we get a fix. Unfortunately AirPlay comes with its own set of problems.

It is my understanding that everything played via AirPlay is resampled to 16/44.1, for example. Even if the content is already in this format, it is still fed through a converter so bitperfect playback cannot be achieved.

I don’t mind streaming Airplay to the Monitor Audio speakers as it is what they were designed for and they still sound great for their size.

But streaming AirPlay to Sonos niggles me - I know the stream can be better.

I know Sonos speakers aren’t ‘high end’ by any means, and I certainly do not think they are revealing enough for people to be able to tell the difference when playing 24bit files after the new update.

Knowing the only way to use them via Roon is to listen to a lower-quality stream is not what I signed up for.

it seems that the internet connection is a part of the problem. @TJUK please look in your at dsl information / statistics whether there is a correlation to the problems with roon. A more precise time of the Internet crashes can then be found under System / Events. In any case, it would be interesting to find out whether this is the case with you in order to narrow down the cause further
I continued to work on the stability of my internet connection. (It seems that a power line or the NAS to which it led interfered with the DSL line) Since this morning at 8:00 am I have had no more Internet crashes and Roon is streaming well to the Sonos speakers. Only “play next” does not work. The song was completely skipped. Then I moved him two songs down the queue. After that it ran without any problems.

One more thing: Of course, the Sonos are not high end. However, they sound very good for their price. And especially the Sonos port in connection with a good conventional stereo system sounds very good. I can very well perceive the difference to Aiplay. Because I use this from time to time in connection with Itunes on a laptop to first listen to a CD. Then I decide whether it will go into my Roon server.
In Roon there is no way to play a CD. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to install the necessary plugin. It would be nice if the gentlemen from development implemented this from the start.

@Rolf_Fey , @noris
Yes, please AND the ALARM FUNCTION! :wink:

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Unfortunately I can find no such correlation - Airplay and RAAT devices do not exhibit this behaviour, only Sonos.

Any update, @support?

Hey @TJUK,

I just wanted to step in and let you know that Dylan has returned to work and he’s catching up on every thread. You should hear back from him as soon as possible :pray:

Another week, another bump.
Over a month without a solution…