Sonos Unnamed Room

@support Hello, I’m having an issue where one of my Sonos Amps is showing up as an unnamed room in Roon. Interestingly though, it shows up as unnamed room in Sonos section of audio devices in Roon, but will show up as Patio and Unnamed room in Airplay section.

Hi @Tyler_Ray,

How do you have the Sonos named in the Sonos app? Is it perhaps called “Unnamed Room” there?

– Noris

It is named as Patio in the Sonos app.

Hello @Tyler_Ray,

The “Unnamed Room” appears to be coming from the Sonos itself. I noticed that it has the same IP address as the Patio and what I believe is happening here is that the Ethernet connected Amp is boosting the WiFi connection for other Sonos devices. It seems to have occurred for other people as well as mentioned in this Sonos thread (user brett_11 - 9 months ago):


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