Sonos volume question

Hi all - I have a stereo pair of Sonos Play:1s that I use with Roon. When I started everything up this evening, music plays, but the volume for that Roon zone displays as zero. Clearly the volume isn’t zero, I can hear music. Shouldn’t the volumes match across applications? What’s best practice here, volume adjustment in the Roon app or the Sonos app, or the hardware controls on my remotes?(iPhone X and 10.7” iPad Pro) Thanks for any suggestions, cheers!

Not sure there is a “best” practice. For 4 of my Sonos Connect speakers, I control volume with my iPhone. For one room, it works out better to send it a fixed volume and adjust sound level with a physical volume control on the wall.

Thanks for that info, @John_V. By way of follow up, I tapped the + button in Roon, and the volume immediately dropped to 1. Seems like the Sonos speakers were initially taking their cue from the Sonos app and my phone rather than Roon. That may have been what I last used to control them, I’ll have to experiment and pay more attention going forward. Thanks again!