Sonos working with Roon/Tidal


I am new to the Roon community. I am planning to purchase a number of Sonos speakers for my house but wanted to hear the experience of using Roon/Tidal with Sonos? Any insight would be helpful like sound quality, drop offs etc. I believe the networking is via wifi and not bluetooth since Roon supports Sonos?

Alternatively is there a better speaker option than Sonos?

Many thanks.

Look into Bluesound. They cost a little more but are Roon Certified, play High Res 24/192 and decode MQA. A major upgrade for voice control is coming this month also.

Thanks and good to know. So for the voice control update is that an OTA update or is it better that I wait for a month or so for the new speakers to roll out with the latest voice control software? Again thank you.

It’s an OTA upgrade there was a post on it

Ok thanks and one more question, you mention that Bluesound is Roon certified? I thought Sonos was Roon certified as well or I am wrong?

As I understand it Roon have made a work around to encompass Sonos but you can only group Sonos with other Sonus units. The same is true for Meridian and Chromcast.
Roon certified units will group as zones from different manufacturers. You should read up on all this in the Knowledge Base.

Is this changed at all with Airplay 2 support for Sonos? Can Roon group together multiple Airplay 2 speakers now inline with other RAAT roon bridge end points?

No still a workaround. Can’t group Raat and non-raat be that Sonos or Chromecast

Ged is correct, no way to group RAAT + Airplay but something else kind of works :slight_smile:
I have just tested airplay grouping with a Sonos One and my Apple TV. Roon is able to group the Sonos One with the Apple TV. To do this I went into Settings / Audio and enabled Sonos One as an Airplay end point.

The option is available to enable Sonos One as a ‘Sonos’ end point but I can also enable the same unit as an ‘Airplay’ end point.

Grouping seems to work after that.

One thing to keep in mind though: Not sure how well audio will sync. For example if an apple TV is connected to an avr with some dsp enabled then it is likely that the added audio processing delay will cause audio to be out of sync with say a sonos one. Unfortunately there is no time delay adjustment when streaming to airplay or sonos endpoints.