Sonos ZP100 seen but not working and then Roon 'lost control of audio device' message


I am new to Roon and really like it - it works well with the mixed ecosystem I have in my house. It works great with my Bluesound Node 2 and Arcam AVR20. The sound quality is definitely better and even supplies better sound to my high-end earphones using my mobile! Very impressed.

However I have a couple of legacy Sonos products that are pretty ancient (I bought two ZP100s just after Sonos started and then a Play 5 later). The issue is I can’t get Sonos ZP100s or Play 5 to work - they are all enabled and can be seen but just don’t play. I can see them, they have music queued but the play button doesn’t work. This is from a PC running as a Roon core (I have a free trial before I subscribe and buy a third party Roon NUC/Rock).

When I use the Roon app on my mobile to try controlling the device it gives the ‘Roon lost control of the audio device message’. I have looked at other threads, but I have not tried grouping them or anything else and I have rebooted the system and checked the Roon core is running fine.

Any assistance for a Roon newbie greatly appreciated!