Sonus Faber Omnia refuses to switch input to roon [Investigating - Ticket in with manufacturer]

Roon Core Machine

Synology Diskstation 218+
10gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ORBI wifi 6 Mesh Router

Connected Audio Devices

Sonus Faber Omnia

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am using Roon with Sonus Faber Omnia. The speaker also is attached to TV with eARC.
When I try to play via roon, always initially gives error that audio device refused to switch input to roon, but while giving this error, the speaker will turn on TV automatically, then after few seconds it will start to play, but it is annoying that each time it turns on TV which then, I have to switch off the TV. (It has to do some with eARC connection).
My speaker also has Spotify connect and tidal connect and built in Chromecast, but I never have the same problem while using them, this only happens with Roon.
My speaker is roon ready.

Everything else works perfectly, just don’t want my TV to turn on each time.

Please note that that I disabled the Chromecast TV cast on my roon, so shouldn’t have to do anything with that as well.


Hi @Ehsan_Navabi,

I apologize for the delay in getting you a response.

I used and tested this device for the Roon Ready certification and it’s a great device. I also did the testing for the KEF LS60’s and had my speakers connected to my TV. They had the exact same issue but a firmware update from KEF fixed it. Can you confirm that the firmware is up to date via the Sonus app and/or device configuration UI?

This may be an issue that both you and I need to reach out to Sonus on if you’re up to date. Please let me know and I’ll be happy to send them a note to test this for us.


Thanks, for getting back to me. Yes, device is updated to last firmware and is in automatic update.

I emailed them but their suggestions was not helpful. They asked to change the HDMI switching from auto to only on HDMI output. I did it but didn’t solve the issue.
It is interesting that issue only arises when using roon and not with Chromecast or Tidal or Spotify connect.
I appreciate if yo= u could reach out to them as well

does anything display on the tv?

It will just turn on TV to last selected input on TV (i.e. Setup box, Chromecast or anything that was on before I turn off the TV).

Hi @Ehsan_Navabi,

Thank you for letting us know. I’ve engaged Sonus to see what they can do for us here. I will get back to you when I have something for you.


Thanks for your assistance.

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HI @Ehsan_Navabi,

Sonus is wanting to know what model of TV you have in this setup. Please let me know and thanks.


Hi it is :

55" SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV KS8500 I think it is 2017 model.



Thanks again. I will be in touch.


Hi @Ehsan_Navabi,

This has been reproduced by the technical teams at Sonus. We believe there is something that can be changed to correct this but it will be after the Chinese New Year celebration before we see some traction. I’ll drop back in once I have some more information for us.


I appreciate your assistance and follow up. Hopefully they can fix it.

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Hi @Ehsan_Navabi,

I believe they will. They identified the issue as a problem with the HDMI code.

Keep your eye out for new firmware.


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