Sony TV Built-In Chromecast Crashes every 5 minutes

Sony XBR-65X850D with Built-in Chromecast reboots TV every 5 minutes.

This is a ROCK that I just built for my business partner. This problem started initially when running Roon Core on a Dell Laptop and with Airplay for the Audio to a Sony STR-DN1040. After an firmware update, it stopped crashing.

I have now built a ROCK using all of the recommended components in ROCK Basics NUC 7i7BNH with a recommended 64gig M.2 OS drive and and Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB internal drive to store the music. When I displayed on Chromecast, it rebooted several times and now has disappeared as an option in Roon settings. Everything else is working perfectly. The Chromecast display was the motivating factor in subscribing. We would be open to an external HDMI Chromecast dongle if you could recommend a specific model that would like solve this issue. @support @Judy_Allen

The audio on the above configuration is via HDMI to the Sony Receiver

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@Terry_Deeb make sure the Chromcast app in your TV is updated (from the App Store). I had the same issue, also a Sony TV, until updating.

Same TV too, good old Sony!

Hi @Terry_Deeb ---- Thank you for the feedback!

I agree with suggestion made by @mikeb as the mentioned update has helped others resolve the issue:

Let us know how it goes!


Hi Eric,
The above reply from me was round one while using the Dell as a Core. Since migrating to a new ROCK Core, the issue re-appeared with a vengeance and now Chromecast does not even appear as an option in Roon after several TV reboots. It appears we are on the latest version which is November 13, 2018. Can anyone recommend a compatible model of a Google Chromecast dongle that would work? After several hours last night, plus the first round, it seems like trying to deal with the Sony TV is not the best use of time. Thanks. @eric

Hello @Terry_Deeb,

Roon currently supports the following model of Chromecasts:

* Chromecast Gen 1
* Chromecast Gen 2
* Chromecast Audio
* Chromecast Ultra
* Google Home
* Google Home Mini
* Google Home Max 

You can read more regarding our Chromecast support on our Knowledge Base Article but please note that only Chromecast Audio supports high-resolution music (up to 96kHz/24-bit), while other Chromecast devices support a sample rate up to 48kHz. We have also seen users buy an Ethernet adapter from Google for improved communication performance in this regard. Hope this helps.


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UPDATE: Built-in Chromecast on the XBR-65X850D will not work properly after an update to the latest Built-In Chromecast app and update to the latest TV firmware. The display works correctly for 5 to 20 minutes, then it freezes for a short time, then it reboots the TV. I have tried a 3rd generation Chromecast dongle on another HDMI input and it seems to work fine. However this requires several extra steps and it would be much preferable if the Built-in Chromecast worked were able to be fixed.

Hello @Terry_Deeb,

Thanks for letting me know about the issue. We don’t have that specific TV in-house to check the behavior for the newest firmware but if you can try to display to that zone again and let me know the exact local time in your country (ex. 6:38PM) that it stops working, I can take a look at the diagnostics from your Core to see if there are any signs as to why. The diagnostics may help or they may not, but it would be good to take a look. Please let me know this info when possible.


My 2017 Sony Bravia exhibited the same behaviour.

I have since reverted the updates to Chromecast built-in via Play Store – all works fine now.

Sorry for the delay in following up on this. Some additional details. I tried the fix suggested below, to uninstall the updates. It seemed to take longer in between crashes, but it did not fix the issue. I had time to test it extensively today. On the Built-in Chromecast sometimes the TV just reboots itself, sometimes the display freezes and then within it few minutes the TV reboots. Sometimes it remains frozen and only unplugging the TV will reboot it. In each instance, when the TV reboots or is unplugged, the audio is interrupted for a few seconds and when the TV comes back on the audio is again interrupted. The crashes occur whether the Receiver is connected to the ARC HDMI input or a non-ARC input.

I also installed a Google Chrome Dongle on another HDMI input. I thought that was going to work, but then it also started crashing. More often the dongle freezes the display and a manual reboot is necessary. I have another Google Chromecast Dongle installed on a Samsung TV in the Bedroom Zone and that display works perfectly with no crashes.

I am located in Florida, USA EST. The following are some specific events:
Built-in Chromecast XBR-65X850D
8:17pm TV rebooted itself
9:25pm Display froze–manual reboot was necessary
9:51pm TV rebooted itself
10:05pm TV rebooted itself

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you need me to upload the Core log file

Hi @Terry_Deeb,

Thank you for the updated info, as well as the timestamps. I have enabled diagnostics on your account so our technical team can take a closer look. I’ll be sure to update you once I’ve received their feedback.

I apologize. I just realized that I left out a very key piece of information. This issue is on another installation. The account is under [removed by support]. Please let me know if you need anything else

Hi @Terry_Deeb,

I see you are working here with Dylan on the issue but I just wanted to let you know that I have removed the email address from your last post and sent it directly to Dylan as to prevent any spammers picking it up.

In the future, if you want to post email addresses or any personal info please send it as a private message instead to prevent it from being seen by the general public. Thanks!

– Noris

Hi @Terry_Deeb,

I spoke with the team regarding the behavior you’re experiencing here. In the past, we have been able to reproduce similar behavior when forcing certain poor networking conditions. We are hoping to gather a little more information about your specific case that will help us determine where the issue is stemming from.

If you temporarily use the Dell as the Core once more, does the same issue occur? Is this limited to the ROCK Core, or are all devices experiencing this now?

Additionally, the team is interested to know how web displays work for you as opposed to a Chromecast device. Does the same issue happen for web dispays?

Thank you…

Sorry, the above reply was meant for the prior post. I have previously tested Web access and it exhibited the freezing behavior. Please also note that Built-in Chromecast operates over the wired network and the Google dongle over wireless. I have done extensive testing of the network as to speed of the wired network and signal strength and radio interference of the wireless network. All tests are good and everything else on the network appears to operate perfectly. The recent regularity of the freezes or reboots varies widely. 5 minutes to an hour. It’s been difficult to identify any pattern.