Sooloos Library Count compared to Roon Library


Apologies in advance but not sure if this should be in this section or the Meridian section but as its software related I will try here first.

Having spent a good while tidying up my Sooloos library and then exporting them which took large part of the weekend. It was a fairly small collection with Sooloos reporting16585 tracks and about 1200 albums.

I have now downloaded Roon and added the library. Unfortunately it reports exactly the same number of tracks, but only 1027 albums. I have noticed that some albums are completely missing. How can I retrieve them please? One of them is by Superclub, hardly an unheard of boxset. Sooloos reported them as Superclub 1, Superclub 2 and Superclub 3.

Your advise is awaited with much anticipation and gratitude, because I would like to persevere with Roon but not particularly if it will take forever to re-edit. Has anybody else witnessed this behaviour?

Hi Martin,

My first thought would be that by default Roon hides duplicate albums. It will only show the best quality album. You can toggle it by going into Settings>General and click Show Hidden Albums.

However, that seems unlikely since you say the tracks number is the same as your Sooloos.

The first thing I would try is to search for a track on the SuperClub album and see if Roon lumped a bunch of tracks somewhere like Various Artists or something.

Cheers, Greg

Are the superclub sets presented as disc 1 disc 2 disc 3 under a single album rather than 3 separate albums?

This happens with a number of besets I have.

Roon defines the concept of “album” differently than Sooloos did.

In Roon, an album is a set of files that represent one release.
In Sooloos, an album is a set of files that represent one disc.

As a result, Roon will almost always come up with a lower album count than Sooloos did.

Our 20/20 hindsight now views the Sooloos approach as a mistake. Artists don’t create discs, they create releases. Our product should be about the music, not how it was split up into media.

Roon automatically hides duplicates as well–this can also reduce the number of albums in the browser. You can disable this behavior in Settings->General if you prefer to see the world unfiltered.

Hi Phil

The Superclub disc’s aren’t in evidence at all on Roon. I will try and do a search on specific tracks and see where they have gone.

Thanks for everyones help

By the way I do like the way that Roon shows a boxset as a single release and then we can select the disc we want to play