Sooloos migration and Tidal

I’m migrating from Sooloos, and I’d like to confirm that the differences I’m seeing in Tidal’s integration with these platforms, as reflected on my ability to export from Sooloos, is expected.

I don’t see a way around each of these, both of which deal with Tidal tracks and Tidal albums saved within the Sooloos application, and not on Tidal’s site:

  1. Tidal albums saved to my Sooloos library. When I save (pull) these from Tidal within Sooloos, Tidal notes that and also saves them to my Tidal account library. From time to time, I delete such albums in Tidal. They are not removed from my Sooloos library, however. This leads me to conclude that unlike Roon, synchronization isn’t really taking place in Sooloos. Where this trips me up is in exporting my Sooloos library to Roon. The Sooloos (native) export data appears not save anything other than files a user has imported themselves into their Sooloos library, and not those “saved” from Tidal. So, if I’ve deleted the album from my Tidal account, there is no way to automatically import it into Roon, other than to either save it again in my Tidal account, where it will now synchronize with Roon, or, in the Roon application, save it to my Roon library.

  2. Tidal tracks saved to Sooloos playlists. I have created playlists within Sooloos that comprise Tidal tracks. Sooloos neither pushes these playlists to my Tidal account library, nor exports them when I export my entire database. As with my Issue 1, this means I’ll have to recreate these playlists either in Tidal or Roon, either of which will sync with the other.

One other note: interestingly, the Sooloos backup database seems to create placeholders that address both these issues. I can restore Sooloos from that backup and recover these Tidal albums that I lose as noted above, with the recommended export/import procedure. Unfortunately, knowing this doesn’t help me, as the Sooloos backup’s format is Meridian proprietary, and Roon is unable to read it.

Please let me know if what I’m seeing is consistent with expected Sooloos exporting and Roon importing capability.


Hey @John_S – let me see if I can answer these questions.

Yeah, this sounds like a bug in Sooloos unfortunately.

The TIDAL integration in Roon is designed to stay synchronized with TIDAL, so the contents of your library in Roon should exactly match the contents of your TIDAL “favorites”.

If Sooloos has tracks or albums hanging around in your library that aren’t part of your TIDAL library, those are not going to sync to Roon – I don’t really have a better answer here other than to talk with Meridian and see if they are aware of the issue or have a workaround for you that might ensure this content gets properly synced to TIDAL, so that Roon can import it properly.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear way forward here.

Since Sooloos exports only include local files, you’ll be able to import those files and playlists into Roon, but any TIDAL content in those playlists is not going to be imported into Roon.

Sorry I don’t have a better way forward here @John_S. Any more questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks, Mike. I suspected as much, but was hoping I was missing something. It’s a bit of a pain, but I’ll survive. :slightly_smiling_face: