Sorry, little lost. Do I need a ROCK?

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Make it simple (my question) to let nice helping people answer me

I run Roon under Windows 10 and play music with ProJect S2 Ultra + ProJect Dac.

If I bought a dedicated PC for running only ROCK can I bypass the S2 Ultra and plug the DAC by USB?

Does it provide any advantage in terms of audio performance from Roon or audio quality?

I am always doubting at this point as I am reading about the “bridge” concept which I do not understand.

Thank you

Hi @Jose_Alconchel, I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can:

That’s right, you can, presuming that your DAC has a USB input, sonme of the ProJect DACs I’m looking at are TOSLink and SPDIF only but others have USB.

One advantage of USB is that it can deal with quicker data rates than TOSLink for example, so if you want to upscale music to high sample rates (> 192) then USB might be the most reliable way. The disadvantage is that some USB implementations on DACs can theoretically be poor allowing noise from USB to adversely affect sound quality. It’s more than likely that there won’t be a difference and/or you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Roon bridge is a software endpoint for Roon, so you install it on a PC or Raspberry Pi so that it can act as an endpoint to stream to. In your current setup your ProJect S2 Ultra is effectively your bridge. If you connect the DAC direct to the core via USB then the core acts as the bridge/endpoint as well.


Thank you for detailed answer

I will read it as deserves after working hours :wink:

Just let me share with you my DAC has USB input


Best to just try it.
My own experience is that you’ll get better audio quality using the S2 ultra. However, I’m sure you’ll find people with alternative views.
You are now in a position, however, to set up two Roon end points :slight_smile:
If you are just using one amplifier (headphone or speakers), then I would stick with the S2 Ultra/Project DAC combo.

Much depends on your usage and “geography”. I have run Roon on a Windows 10 desktop for 5 + years. I have the PC remote from my listening area as it’s quite noisy

If you want your PC close to your listening spot then as silent a box as possible would be a good idea.

If you connect from PC via Ethernet then there is no need.

A NUC/ROCK connected by USB will work , but the NUC has a fan so not entirely silent. There are silent cases. Also there is the Roon Nucleus which is silent

My vote is stay put until you are until you can convince yourself otherwise. It’s taken me 5 years to do it, my NUC is on order as we speak. TBH I’m not sure why I did it :joy:. Just the Want Facror maybe …

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Yes. As @killdozer said.

Probably not.

I have a silent i3 (no fan) with Roon

My music into a NAS far away from listening place, no noise.

My main equipment will remain as now (ProJect Combo)

and the 2nd one can still work against the i3

so, after having gathered all the information and understanding the bridge concept, no changes.

I am more curious about nice amplifier and new speakers than other stuff :slight_smile:


Only way to know for sure is to try it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Yes, only the Pc for testing

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