Sort Albums by Release Date Oldest First [Resolved - Changed sorting type]

Roon Core Machine

Rock on intel NUC i7 Gen 8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

DLink network switches endpoints hard wired cat-5

Connected Audio Devices

Various Sonos Devices
HiFiBerry DAC with RPi 4
Lyngdorf 1120

Library Size

93,000 Tracks 7,200 albums all local, no streaming services

Description of Issue

I’m sure in the past I could get the albums sorted within a given artist by release date oldest to newest. What are the correct settings? Please see screen shot below. It is wrong on all Android controllers and Win10. I don’t have any iOS controllers

Ramones 1977 then 1976

Cat Power all over the map 2006, 2008, 2012, 2000, 1998, 1996

You’ve got it set on the page to sort by popularity not date.


I was just starting to get really puzzled because I was seeing different behavior between a tablet and phone. I didn’t even know there was a sort option on the Artists’ page…thought just under overall settings.

Thanks! Nice to know I am not going crazy…yet.