Sort Albums from Your library by User Rating

I’ve been rating the albums that I’ve loaded into the windows roon arc app and wanted a way to sort the albums by their rating (High to low) or focus in on only 5 star albums. Is there a way to do this in the search function? A work around is I guess tag everything and give it a rating.

Welcome to the community, @Hiren_Patel.

Presently, this isn’t possible with Roon ARC. Using Roon Remote, you could filter the 5 star albums, select, and click on the heart (favourite) since this can be used in ARC. Alternatively, as you suggest, create tags and filter on these.

Hi @Hiren_Patel,
ARC does not run on Windows, so I’m wondering if you meant:

  • Roon Arc App (On say iOS or Android)
  • Roon App (On Windows)

Could you clarify please.

Right. Whatever the main Roon app is for Windows (core?) is what I am referring to.

In that case, you’re using Roon Remote. Go to My Albums, click on Focus, locate stars, and add to the filter.

Oh I figured it out. Thanks for the hint. You have to press the Focus button for a large list of filters to come up, you can’t just type rated 4.5 stars or stars in the search bar to filter. Also I am brand new to the Roon ecosystem. My use case is having a library of Flac/mp3s, downloading roon arc, realizing I need to download Roon core or Roon 2.0 (build 1133) windows app, and going from there. I use it mostly to play my collection from my laptop to a desktop dac/amp into headphones. My Digital Audio Player is only android 7, so it doesn’t support Roon Arc. I have downloaded Roon Arc on my Iphone 11 and it runs well there. I have no speakers, living room, etc.