Sort Artist's genres by number of songs

In my Roon setup, genres are extracted from the file tags.

In an Artist page, Roon presents the Genre tags associated with this artist, sorted by alphabetical order.

It would be great if Roon would sort these tags by number of songs. It would be give a better indication of the artist “sound”, IMO. A “tag cloud”-type display could also be cool, altough it might not fit with the overall Roon esthetics.

For example, most of the songs in my Bob Dylan folders are tagged with “Singer-Songwriter” and “Contemporary Folk”.
Genre tags associated with Bob Dylan should look like:
Singer-Songwriter | Contemporary Folk | Folk Rock | … | Christian Rock (because of that “Saved” album)

instead of
Christian Rock (because of that “Saved” album) | Contemporary Folk | … | Singer-Songwriter.