Sort by album rating

Is there anyway to sort albums by rating (editorial and users’)?
I could not find this option, and i would appreciate it…

Im not at home to look at this, but you might look in “focus”, there are many different ways to sort and if I recall correctly, there is an option to sort by rating…

Easy Peasy

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It does focus, but it won’t sort. Well, it doesn’t for me. :roll_eyes:

BTW: I wonder how a 5 + rating looks like and how I would enter it. :thinking:

How do you want to sort it.

This is 1960 to 1980 5 start Albums by The `Rolling Stones…

Well, I assume a sorting like

  • :star::star::star::star::star: : album 1 … album n
  • :star::star::star::star: [1/2] : album m
  • :star::star::star::star: : album …
  • :star::star::star: [1/2] : …
    (you get the drill)

is asked for. I can’t see how this is possible with Focus.

There’s the open question how albums would get sorted within the respective star brackets (Artist? Year? Album title? …) but this is another thing.

I see, you could do each rating and save it as a bookmark making them instantly available.
If it’s stats you want, just write them down.

I never get that far into things before I find music to play and enjoy…

That’s the way! :slight_smile:

I’m not really using ratings much - only tried to interpret what @Niccolo_Terzi asked for and checking what I could achieve.

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