Sort by composer name often gets confused between first and last name

Antipodes DS server (Fedora release 25 / Roon 1.7 build 505)

Sort my library by composer name, limited to Classical, gives unexpected results :slightly_smiling_face:
It looks like first name is sometime erroneously taken for last name.
See these examples of wrong sequences that I see:

  • Fabrice Marin Caietain, Carl Maria von Weber, Pierre Francisque Caroubel
  • Thomas Crecquillon, David Matthews, David Popper, Claude Debussy, Dmitry Kabalevsky, Franco Donatoni
  • Carlo Gesualdo, Gottfried August Homilius, Olivier Greif
  • Franz Josef Haydn, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Philippe Hersant
  • Gregorio Huet, Igor Stravinsky, Isaac Albéniz, Italian Traditional, Charles Ives, Jacques Duphly, Leos Janacek, Jean Barrière, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann David Heinichen … and so forth

Also joined is a screen shot of the library.

Is this a known problem ? or is there some setting I should tune for avoiding these sorting errors ?

Many thanks to whoever can help,

It looks like the composers who don’t sort well are

  • either not recognized by Roon = unidentified with info coming just from your file tags
  • or it could be that the metadata for those is “bad”;
    sometimes, there are duplicates in the Roon dataset which are not matched to the “good” artist / composer entry.

You can set a sort name manually when Roon doesn’t provide it:
Composer > Edit … > Last-First Sort Name

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That looks a right mess; something is wrong. It’s almost as if Roon is sorting by something else entirely.

After the usual reboot (fixes most things!), try toggling the sort order from first name to last name and back again.

You’ve noticed that the pictures are in reverse order?

It’s trying to, but R. Schumann > A. Vivaldi > R. Wagner > H. Wolf is trying to go the other way.

I wasn’t clear, what I meant was the order of the screenshots.

If you look at those from bottom to top I think the “missing sort name” explanation for the composers not in alphabetical order makes sense.

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Ahh! Well done Sherlock.

Edit the sort name is the solution - it works as expected.
Thanks for the suggestion

I did so, even more I believe, but unsuccessfully !

Yes, I imported the screenshots starting by #1 - that was a bad idea …

BTW, I checked the metadata of the 30 tracks corresponding to Igor Stravinsky - among them, three had “Igor Stravinski”, instead of Stravinsky. I corrected those three tracks and put “Stravinsky”. It had no effect, Igor Stravinsky remains classified after Gregorio Huet and before … Isaac Albeniz.

Maybe unconnected with your specific problem, but the Igor Stravinsky that Roon knows about has a picture and bio. It would help Roon connecting your performances to other performances at least if you had Roon’s version. (Roon also knows about variant spellings for its version)

If you search for Stravinsky, what comes up?

If more than one, then you can either edit your tags in Roon to suit, or, more easily, merge the composers. (To do that, they would both need to be in your library)

Does your Stravinsky arise from an unidentified album in Roon?
(All of which is effectively what @ndrscr has suggested above)

I’m not sure if this is a rule, but it seems to be the case that for unknown artists, Roon uses the first name in the sort, irrespective of what you have set. Hence your mix of sometimes first names, sometimes last.

Well, as you suspected, one album got unidentified; once properly reassigned, the Igor Stravinsky picture and bio came up when sorting by composers.

That’s good, now for the others. Looks like you’ve got a bit of work to do there!

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