Sort by date added to itunes

Hi, new Roon user, and enjoying it so far.
But… I frequently buy CDs and load them into itunes.
In iTunes I live in the sort-by-date-added view (so i can find see the newly added CDs and play them).
I don’t see in Roon how to get that view. If I use “focus” and and select “added” that seems to be when the tracks were added to Roon (so all of them are in the last week). Over time this will sort itself but for now I don’t seem to have a way to view albums / tracks by when I imported them to my computer (to iTunes).

Any ideas?


In Roon–>Settings–>Library–>Import Settings you can choose the file creation date as the track import date in Roon.

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Thanks, found that, seemed to have no effect, but now I notice the spinny-thing is spinning saying it’s changing the database. Hopefully when it’s done. Thanks!