Sort By File Format

I know you can do this by going thru the focus button, but why not add a sort option to the top right section of the interface. I use the album sort most of the time, it would be nice to click on the sort button on the upper right of Roon and glance at format quickly and go back to my album covers without having to go thru the menus to get to the format section. Should be easy to implement.

Sounds like a bookmark to me.

Yep…if only we had bookmarks :grinning:

Go to Focus, Select the format you want, like WAV and apply. Then go to the Bookmark icon in the top right, click Add Bookmark and give it a name like “WAV Only” and save. IN the future you just have to select the bookmark to get all the WAV files. Additioanlly, if you add new WAV albums they will also appear without you having to redo the bookmark.

I know this option exists but it is way to many steps. Again, per my post, go to the albums view. Look at the upper right section and the options within that section. My request is to simply add a format sort to that section. This is much easier that the method being described. It is an easy fix.

From many locations in Roon I think it would be less steps once you have set up the bookmark the first time.

Also which formats would you want first? Would you not have to scroll past many to get to the formats you want? What if others wanted the formats in a different order?

To add all those options to the screen would create too much info on the screen. For example, if you wanted a button or icon somewhere to show all the file formats that you could focus by then it would be just a mess.

How would these be contained in a sensible list ?

A bookmark is is just 2 clicks once created and offers maximum user flexibility as to what gets in a bookmark.

1st world issue I guess.

I would like to sort from highest format to lowest. Again, quite an easy request.

How do you define “highest format to lowest”, and the nuances of all other formats in between? That’s not so obvious. And that means the ordering Roon produces will not necessarily be obvious to the majority of people, which limits its usefulness IMO.

Exactly how Roon defines it. Simply have the highest res files sorted first and then by date added.