Sort By Most Played bug

Album display, set “sort by most played,” then hit the up/down arrow to reverse:

Sorting is instead now by Artist–not least played to most played.

Do you know for sure they’ve not been played the same number of times? To confirm, use Focus and select Top 1000 Most Played then click on the + to invert the selection.

Hi Jim,
Noticing the incorrect album count at the top of the screen, it might be related to the issue I’m facing for a while now: Incorrect album count when sorting on most played
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I understand what you’re thinking, but not your diagnostic. If I sort them by most played and they’ve been played the same number of times (zero, one) they’ll display ordered by Artist by default–is that it? That makes sense, and it’s probably correct, in which case there’s no bug after all. But what does displaying 1000 Most Played (and inverting) tell me?

Is there a way to show how often a particular album has been played?

If you invert the filter it will show the least played albums and this should match your screenshot.

Only by track. Go to LIBRARY > Tracks and then select Plays from the dropdown (top right), i.e.

Roon’s “Most Played” in Album View is not by play count but by play time. That is why, for me, my album of Bruckner’s Complete Symphonies is my Most Played, even though I’ve only played it twice. At 9 hours a play that is 18 hours for the one album.

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When you do this, you still see the top 1000 albums, but now you see them in reverse order (1000th most played, 999th most played, etc.). Since I have more than 1000 albums, this does NOT correspond to what I’m seeing when I sort by most played and then invert. Hence my confusion. Still, although this doesn’t confirm, I think your theory was correct.

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Interesting. Can this–total playing time for an album–be displayed?

Not that I’ve found. I requested it back in spring of 17.