Sort discography by newest release


I enjoy listening to the weekly show A State of Trance by Armin van Buuren.
The show is released weekly as an album on Tidal.

Currently I am able to sort the albums by increasing release date, but clicking the sort again doesn’t switch to decreasing release date as one might expect, so finding the newest release is a bit of a hassle.

Hope you will take a look at this, and please let me know if I missed something.

I realised that this is possible, but the location that you click the sort matters, without any visual indication of that being the case.
Consider making the click on text switch between sorting orders, or some visual indication that it matters where you click when sorting.

could you please explain as I am having problems with sort order, i would like an artists latest releases at the top of the list?
thanks :+1:t3:


After clicking sort by Date, open the sort menu again, and click quite precisely on the arrow that appears left of “Date”.
This should reverse the sorting order, and provide newest release first.

Hopefully they will make it work simply by clicking the sort a second time, in the future.

Thank-you, it really is obvious when you know but easily missed :confounded:

Can you do the same for your tracks in your Playlist, to get the last added track to show up first on top in your playlist?

All I can find, unfortunately, is a sort on date the item is added to Roon. You can, of course, manually sort the playlist to play in any order you wish by dragging items to the desired position.

Ok, I also miss the album icon on the tracks in Playlists.
You had it in 1.7 but it is gone in 1.8!

It is much more easy to find a track with an icon (visualy)!