Sort issue in Tidal, my tracks

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10/Z270/6700K

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Tplink C2

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Chord Mojo, USB

Description Of Issue

I cannot sort my TRACKS FROM, TIDAL… by DATE ADEED in Tidal. The tracks are sorted aphabeticaly by default!
I don’t have any sort options on my windows 10 app or on my Android phone! PLEASE FIX THIS, I believe it’s not hard to add sort options

Go to LIBRARY > Albums then click on Focus and select Format > TIDAL to view all your TIDAL albums (BTW you can save this view as a bookmark.)

Now click on the Sorted by Artist dropdown and select Sort by Date Added.

Likewise, for Tracks, do the same but add the column Date Added.

Similarly you can select Library>Tracks then Focus to Format>Tidal. The tracks view screen may not have Date Added as a column by default, but you can add it from the dropdown menu at the far right of the screen (at least on a Mac - it would be weird if it was not the same in Windows).

Well, I found this workaround for windows, but from my Android phone, which I mostly use…, I can’t sort at all… and it’s still a workaround NOT A FIX

Is it that hard to add sort options? I’m still evaluating Roon, and for now I’m disappointed by this hickup, especially when you are asking premium for the service.

No need to fix when NOTHING IS BROKEN. Sounds like a FEATURE REQUEST to me.

It’s not a workaround, it does exactly what you needed.

This is a matter of usability and accessibility. It ain’t going to happen on a small screen, but you’ll be fine on an Android or iOS tablet.

It’s not
It doesn’t update If/when I add a new song,
And after one song ends, it jumps to radio… not next track… like in the tracks window.

Small screen? On the Tidal app works fine… on bubble upnp, the same. What are you talking about?

I’m not asking about a new kernel here… sort… options

It would be helpful if you were clear about what you are trying to achieve. So you want to preserve the sort order and send this to the queue? That’s easy too. Save a bookmark, e.g. TIDAL Sorted by Date Added, select the tracks you want to play, and add to the Queue.

I suggest you spend a little time reading the Roon User Guide. But feel free to ask more questions.

Adding additional filters etc. isn’t possible on a small screen; it’s a design choice. But now that I understand that we were at crossed purposes that’s probably less of an issue. You can pick up the bookmark on an Android mobile.

Hi @relu_B,

As suggested above, the best way to do this is to use a mix of Focus and sorting. First, you can use Focus to select only TIDAL albums by selecting Focus > Inspector > Storage Locations > TIDAL Library.

Now that all of your TIDAL tracks are selected, you can sort by Date Added as outlined above.

This type of filtering and sorting is not possible to do from the mobile UI. However, if this is something you’d regularly use, you can use Bookmarks. Once you have the desired focus and sort, you can save a Bookmark by clicking the Bookmark Icon and selecting Add Bookmark:


Now, even on Android, you can select this Bookmark to return to this same Focus and sort.

This is the intended behavior here — Depending on how you’re using the browser, it doesn’t always make sense to just queue up everything after the track that is currently playing. We find that playing similar content via Roon Radio often provides the best results here.

You can select a group of tracks in the browser and press Play on that selection, and it will play the selection in that order. You can select tracks by right-clicking or long-pressing. You can use Shift+Click to select multiple at once as well.

You can also use the Albums browser with a similar Focus and sort to play entire albums that are added from TIDAL at once.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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