Sort Options for items in Tags (not File Tags but "My Tags")

I am just experimenting a bit to find an easy way to get some structure in the list of “Artists”. Unfortunately in a classical collection in Roon, everybody and everything (except Composer) gets lumped in there: Conductors, Orchestras, String Quartets, Baroque Ensembles, Pianists, Violinist, Cellists, Sopranos, Tenors…

So how to organize this in a meaningful way? I tought the easiest should be Tags. So I starting to give my Orchestras an “Orchestra” Tag. I see I have 122 of them. So far so good.

But then I find: There is no way to sort them meaningfully. Elsewhere in Roon I get the Option to Sort Alphabetic, most listened, most Albums. Not here.

The drop-down where I thought of expected to find the sort options, I only see this:

However, all that information is already readily available here:

Am I missing someting or is there just no way to sort these Tag lists? It would be great to have it just where we now get all those duplicate menu items. It would make this consistent with how Roon uses Sort-options elsewhere.

Many thanks

I can’t think of a meaningful way to sort Roon Tags. A single tag can contain anything: Album(s), Track(s), Artist(s), Composition(s), Genre(s), … So what criteria to sort by?

If you are interested in albums, got to the album browser and focus on your tag. Roon will do its best to show you the albums relevant for your tag. If it contains a track, it will show you the corresponding album. If it contains a composer too, it will include also all albums that belong to that composer. If it …

Then use the sort options available in the album browser.


You can sort all of the above alphabetically (asc. and desc.) and by „most listened to“. I agree that „number of Albums“ would not work for Albums and Tracks but for all the others, ie Genres, Composers, Compositions, Artists it would.

So maybe not a fully valid argument

Sure could there be a alphabetical sort option, but is that meaningful?

I think it’s is much better go to what you’re interested in (Artists from your example) and use focus on the tag there - gives you access to all the available sort option Roon Labs thinks are meaningful for that content type.

I always used them that way when I was interested in a specific content type and never had the feeling to miss something.

If you really wish for something that’s not there, you should probably post this in the Feature Requests section of the forum.

Well, is „Orchestra“ a Genre? Is „Conductor“ a Genre? Is „Ensemble“ a Genre? I was thinking about going that way, it creates all sort of other holes and issues.

The easiest would be if Roon would - finally - embark on the way all classical focused providers (idagio, Primephonic etc) go and provide seperate Items for


Instead of throwing them all in „Artists“.

An the Soloists side, further differentiationx can be sensibally achieved with the Genre tag. Pianists get „Piano“, Violinists „Violin“ etc… Thats what I already do.

So don’t do that. I surely wouldn’t want to go that way.

A reasonable Feature Request.

The tag way (like go to Artists, focus on Conductor tag) still remains the best (only?) alternative/workaround IMO until something better possibly emerges with a future version of Roon.

PS: If you need such a view often, then save it as bookmark to avoid going through Focus every time.

I am on Artists. Focus does not show me any option to select „Conductor“. Where would that be?

If you have a Tag named Conductors. Open the focus pane and left most you should see the Tags category. Use the small down arrow to open and choose one of your tags.


Well, that takes us back to square one or the very reason I started this thread. I thought you where talking “file tags”. Because the Conductor has a file tag CONDUCTOR. There is just no way to focus on this on Roon. Orchestras also have the file tag ORCHESTRA, but again, no way to focus on it in Roon - at least I cant see it. Its all there. Just no way to pick it up!

If I create a “My Tag” on this, I have the same problem: No sorting options… Pretty disappointing. But thanks anyway.

And you still did not get the point. Please Read the above instructions carefully and look at the picture also. Don’t use the Tag browser if you’re interested in Artists - go to the Artists browser instead!
You have all the sort options for Artists as you are in My Artist. You just use Focus to limit the shown Artist to Conductors if you have a (Roon) tag Conductors (or what ever is in your “My Tag” currently).

I guess this is exactly what you would get if there were a separate Conductor browser (somewhat similar to the Composer browser).

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Now I have it! Its a horribly complicated way of achieving a very simple thing. But thanks for the pointer. I will consider this thread resolved. Cant set a solution flag, maybe you can…

No I can’t. I guess solutions are only for Support threads. Maybe @moderators can?

Note: You can use such a tag also in other browsers. Got to Albums and focus on Conductors to limit the shown albums to only the ones with an Artist in that Roon Tag credited (okay that might theoretically go wrong). Or do the same in Compositions or Tracks browser. Roon tries really hard here to translate these artists into Albums, Tracks, Compositions, … Sometimes a Roon Tag can serve many purposes.