Sort order, library view

I have a music library which contains exclusively classical music. So I’m used to browse it by composer/genre/album/work, may be artist and so on.
In Roon it seems, I can select »composer« in order to get a list of composers which huge pictures. When I select one of them I get a list of all tracks in a rather strange sort order. When I select one of this tracks I get the album (or the work?) it is from. Can I change this bizarre path? This is quite useless for classical music.

The other thing: I have Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations in two versions: with Alfred Brendel and with Andreas Staier. I select Beethoven, get the page with all tracks, select a track, get a page with Diabelli Variations. It shows the cover with Andreas Staier and names him Alfred Brendel. On the right hand I see two times the cover with Andreas Staier, one of them is the album with Alfred Brendel. Is this normal? (JRiver and other programs like Minim Server show these albums and tracks with the right name and the right artist.)

You can highlight both albums and choose to use Your Meta Data Exclusively which might resolve your issue.

When it comes to using the Composer Page, Roon displays the material as Works which is quite different that individual albums. I think that there should be a toggle like there is for Performer/Composer to toggle Works/Albums. I have my own temporary work around for this, which is to highlight all the albums containing Mozart, for example, and then add my own Tag called Mozart. Then I can use that tag to focus on Mozart albums.

Thanks for the hint. But it doesn’t work. I changed the option, but no change happened.

The composer page doesn’t display the works (this would be not better, because if we take Beethoven, there would be 32 Sonatas for piano, 16 string quartets, 10 sonateas for violin and piano, 9 symphonies and so on, all in all some 100 works. This would imply a loz of scrolling to find one, because of the very »cool« waste of space). It displays all the tracks which are connected with this composer. There is written »works« in the upper left, but this is just an ornament: the first part of Beethoven’s 5th symphony or the Contrapunctus VII from the »Art of Fugue« or the »Kyrie« from a Massby Haydn are not works. This is really strange and really unusable.

(It seems, I won’t need 2 weeks to test Roon…)