Sort Tidal Tracks by Date Added

I like to keep up on the newest music that comes out, so every Friday I make a habit of going the my favorite genres and mining the “New Tracks” for ones like. I favorite anything that catches my ear and then remove it later if it doesn’t stand up. The result of this practice over the past few years is a huge list of music which has become my own personal radio station.

The problem is, when I want to playback the week’s new song at home for my wife, I have no easy way to find them all in Roon. The songs are sorted only alphabetically on the phone app. and sorting on the computer doesn’t have date added for most of them.

I understand that Roon is pulling the information from Tidal’s servers and not from the library, but couldn’t Roon just automatically add anything it sees as being favorited in Tidal to your library and then just record the date that track was added to the Roon Library? Even if the date isn’t the exact date it was added to Tidal, it would be better than nothing.

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My Tidal album that I have added to my library have a “Date added” and “Date Release” populated and seem to order just fine in the album browser… so I’m struggling to understand where the issue lies here.

I’m wonder if this is somehow related to just new releases when the metadata has not fully filtered down … but even then sort by date added should still be fine.

Could you post some screenshots of what your seeing, to help demonstrate it.

Here is the Tidal favorites track view, the Roon equivalent and the Roon Recent view. Recents doesn’t really work for my purposes because it includes album additions and it is also limited to only 20 recent items.

Ideally, the addition of a sort by date added on Tidal Tracks would solve the problem. Maybe my use case is unique and is not needed by many others. For me though, it is a real inconvenience.

I see, you are using the iPhone app, which has limited functionality.

I use an iPad (and a PC) and can do this …

  • Track Browser
  • Focus on Tidal
  • Sort by date added

I believe that Roon have a long term plan to overhaul the frontend across all devices… but until then I don’t see much changing with phone screen sized devices.

If it’s a big issue for you now, you may have to invest in a iPad.