Sort Tidal Tracks by "Date Added"

How can you sort the Tidal Tracks in general and particular on “Date added”? I only have “View all” on the Roon Tidal Page. When I try to filter using -> Tracks -> Focus -> Format -> Tidal, Roon displays all Tidal tracks, not just the ones from the Tidal “Tracks” (Tracks in Tidal is the list of favorites it maintains automatically whenever you press “Heart” on a track).

It appears that favourited tracks are not sync’d between Tidal and Roon. Thus the Roon list of favourites is separate from Tidal’s.

Hello @Kai_Schriewer,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. To be able to sort TIDAL tracks by “Date Added” you would need to enable this type of sorting in the Track Browser sidebar like so:

After that you should be able to Focus on TIDAL format and then sort the tracks that way.
Please let me know if this helps.


Sorry for the really late response (almost one year, but I left roon, now I am back).
Thanks for your answer, but it does not really do what I want. It seems to consider the albums as well.
I would like to create a list with my Tidal “favorite tracks” only, sorted by “date added” without my favorite albums. Additionally I would be able to do the same with my Tidaly “favorite albums”. Thus create a list sorted by date, but without the tracks from my Tidal “favorite tracks”. This kind of filtering is built into the Tidal apps and I really miss it in Roon. Is this somehow possible?


Hi @Kai_Schriewer,

There is no current way to do this as far as I’m aware, but you can certainly open a feature request regarding this request.

The feature request section of this site is monitored by the product team and it’s a great place to get feedback from the community regarding this ability.