Sorted playlist playback not starting not from first track [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon, ethernet cable

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh C2700 pre-amp, USB
Anthem AVM60, HDMI

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

My original hard drive fried itself and Roon just replaced it with a new drive. It works, but all of my playlists and other organization, including merging craps of albums together, etc. is gone. Is there a way to get all that back, e.g. is there a “Roon cloud” where my prior settings are stored?

Restore your latest Roon backup. That’s the only way.

Thank you. I did the backup restore. I can access all the music by going into Albums, Artists, Tracks, Composers, Compositions. However, playlists do not work. When I go into playlists it lists all the playlists, and when I go into one of the playlists it shows all the tracks, but above each track name it says “Unavailable” in red letters, and the tracks do not play.

Similarly, in history, all previous tracks are “unavailable,” though recent history (i.e. what I’ve played in the past day or so since the replacement of the hard drive) are playable.

Any ideas?

Hey @Alan_Wishnoff,

Ben here with the support team, thank you for your patience while we work our way through each thread. I wanted to check up on your issue to see how things were going. Per Jims reply, restoring from a backup should give you what you’re looking for - are you still running into issues?

How old is your last available backup? Does it predate the creation of the playlists you’re looking for?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

Thanks for responding Ben. The answer is a mixed bag. The backup did predate the creation of the playlists so when I did the restore, the backups repopulated the Nucleus. HOWEVER, they were just sort of shadow playlists–you could see the names of the tracks but none of them would play. So I had to recreate all the playlists. I still have one issue, though perhaps this is just the way the Nucleus works. As you know, you can press “Track” at the top of a playlist and it will put the songs in alphabetical order, essentially giving you a random set of tracks rather than going album by album. But even when I do that, the playlist doesn’t play in the alphabetical track order. It seems to skip around, I believe trying to find the album that the last song was on, though not always. Is there a way to get a playlist to play in alphabetical track order? Thanks.

Hey @Alan_Wishnoff,

Thank you for your keen observation above! We were able to replicate this issue in house and have submitted a ticket to our developers for a fix. I can’t speak on any timelines yet but I can certainly keep you in the loop as things progress.

Thanks again!

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