Sorting albums by file/folder date?

I just got myself into Roon now that there is Squeezebox support and I noticed that all albums end up having more or less the same “Date Added”. So sorting by “Date Added” is not useful to me in any way as all 3000 or so albums end up in whatever order Roon imported them into the database.

One feature I think I will miss coming from the LMS side is that I can view/sort albums based on the file/folder modification date (I’m not sure how LMS handles multiple files in an album - it may be looking at the folder date, or taking an average of all the individual file dates). The good thing with this approach is that LMS always uses the same logic for sorting by date added, so even if I rebuild the database from scratch, as long as my source file modified times don’t change, my CDs show up in the “correct” order - i.e. more-or-less the order I bought and ripped them!

Is this currently possible in Roon or would this be a new feature request?

It is in meta preferences… Just select to show file date not Roon date.

Have a poke around and you’ll find it.

Nick, thanks for the fast response!

Maybe I’m just being a bit slow/daft, but I haven’t been able to find any setting that would change this. I’m using version 1.1…

The closest I could find in Settings/General is the default sort order for Date Added (Newest First, Oldest First)…

In the track browser, select all tracks, then click edit.

In the edit screen, you’ll see an option to set all track import dates to either their modification or creation dates.

Once the edits are applied, sorting your albums by import date should make more sense.

Do you have to redo this every time you import an album?

Thanks Mike… Ideally this should be a global option, not something we need to set track-by-track… I think a feature request is in order :smile:

Though come to think of it, once the initial import is done and tracks are changed to prefer modification/creation date, anything added later would have the correct import date (unless if someone is bulk adding albums from a new folder). So not a big deal after all…

I didn’t have time to add yesterday that you can access this from the album browser as well as track browser. Just select ALL and edit. Meta preferences are there.

@mike @brian - please could this be made so that a user can choose a default setting/behaviour as it presently yields inconsistent results…after having done this any albums subsequently added revert again to the import date rather than the modification date. Roon’s behaviour in this regard should be able to be defaulted by the user… otherwise we find ourselves here: